Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Blog infinity and Beyond!!

Once upon a time I was in the right place at the right time. I was paid $100 and 10 contributors copies for an article I wrote for Buckmasters magazine (yeah, deer and I don't hunt.. at all). And a By line (which actually meant way more to me).

 It was entitled the Unicorn Buck and yeah the deer had a horn growing right out of the middle of its forehead...weird huh? (I learned the explanation for it as well)

But that was nearly 10 years ago and way way pre-blog. I did it the old fashioned way...I queried. And despite the shot in the arm on my skills when I got my check, I haven't done anything since.

Like many of you, I have some works in progress. I always do. I'm a great starter but fade midway and then let it sit. 

But I haven't used my blog too much to forward any ambition as of yet. I am looking towards the blog as an area I would like to strengthen in industry information and insider news and pre-publication reviews.Think Shelf Awareness (they are my idols!) Or write for them, that would be amazing too. I could offer a 'from the Midwest trenches' look at industry and reader trends via some University strings? Hmmm?

  Although that's a pretty lofty expectation.. But hey! Aim small Miss small right?
At the same time I wouldn't mind being so widely read that advertisers would feel justified in giving me money for a spot on my sidebar :)

In the meantime. I believe I'll sit and stare at my projects on my WriteItNow software and keep talking on my blog about what I love. Reading with caveats into my lil ole life. :)


  1. Hey, published is published, and you even got paid. If you want to write for Shelf Awareness or something like that, why don't you just ask what you would need to do to be considered? I write reviews for as well, and I don't know if they are looking for more reviewers but you could always send them an email ( with a sample review. You never know! Book Trib doesn't pay, but do have access to ARCs and galleys...

  2. That's a great dream and not too far away. I say keep typing away and keep talking on your blog and keep dreaming. It never hurts to dream.

  3. When you dream, dream big. If you dream small only small things will happen. And you were published once. Good luck.

  4. I think I need to see this Unicorn Buck article. It just sounds too good to be true ;-)

    Great post! Thanks for stopping by my Armchair BEA Beyond the Blog Post!

  5. That's really neat that you published your article like that. And, I totally understand what you mean about being a started and then a fader. I'm like that too, especially with my crocheting and knitting projects, lol.

  6. Even if it's been awhile, it's still amazing that you've been published! :D Yay for you! :D

    Thanks for commenting on my post today. :)

    Psst. I added the link to my fanfiction profile if you still want to creep. ;)