Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inspiration and excerpts for a Sunday

One of the hardes things for me is having a full plate in my life of obligations when I would love nothing better than to just work on what I'd like to work on..which are two things. Reading. And Writing.
I've been better at both this week.
I started the classic book The Jungle. For someone who works in the meat food industry, this is a risky proposition. I understand that the social commentary is aimed at the plight of the poor as much as the conditions of, specifically, the stockyards/packinghouse of Chicago in Nineteen Ought, but I can't help but pull parallels with the debates going on yet today on food animal treatment. I'm certainly not going to get through it very fast however, which really irritates my need to rack up numbers on my read list. (which is a stupid need, I know)
The other is my writing. I've really latched onto a project I'm excited about and I don't want to let that excitement fade away. I feel like if I keep both feet in it, then the excitement will stay. I have some things I need to run by an expert though so if anyone out there is an economist, please, leave me a comment! I've got a couple questions.

Here's an excerpt...sorry about the swearing... please remember it's just a draft :)

She took the armful of weeds and trimmings to her yard cart, she tossed them in on top of her kitchen scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, carrot ends and potato peels, and wheeled it squeakily toward the back of her property to her compost pile, out behind her garden shed, by the alley. it was the 'by the alley' part that caused problems. And today was the worst so far. She heard the boys giggling before she rounded the shed, and she would have caught them but her squeaky cart gave her away.
"Oh shit she's coming!!" she heard one of the raspy, breaking preteen voices say "Run!!"
"Fuck I can't stop!!" another said, to laughter and the sound of scrambling from others.
Dawn had left the cart and took off running towards the shed. "HEY!" She shouted
"FUCK!" she heard again. That and the sound of running feet on alley gravel
She rounded the corner just in time to see 3 backs high tailing down the narrow alley road. 
Tyson Cover!! I know that's you!!!" she shouts in their direction as she checks up. 
The smell of fresh urine hit her like a wall. 
They'd stood back there and pissed on her compost pile. They had stood. back there. and pissed. on. her. compost pile!! Those vile, awful, redneck, arrogant, ignorant ignorant jerks! 

Hands on her hips she shook her head and sighed. She went back to her cart and brought it around to the edge of the pile and, trying to ignore that acrid odor, dumped the contents in. She went to her shed and took her pitchfork out of the hands of her decorative, makeshift, grant woods american gothic scene she'd made there with sticks, twigs, twine, etc. and went back to the pile.

She turned the new matter up and into the old matter, mixing it evenly with the urine the boys so vandalistically added. Sad. Sad as it was that they didn't know that it actually was a huge aid and that human urine contained LOTS of goodies, especially nitrogen, that the pile needed to break down and become soil once again.

"Thanks boys." she muttered as she worked. "you dumb little assholes." She still planned to act incensed when she went to Tyson's parents to report his disrespectful and 'damaging' behavior. Lift and fold, fold, poke poke poke. fold, fold, poke poke poke poke. The smell was dissipating. She wondered which boy ended up pissing down his own leg as they scattered and ran. She wished it was all of them. 

I've had so much fun with this. Dawn is one of my favorite characters. And probably the least autobiographical because she actually knows how to do a lot of stuff!!! BUT it's stuff I wish I knew how to do, so she's the me I wish I could be.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Now I'm just getting ridiculous...

Now I'm just getting ridiculous....

September 22, 2013
Place // I re-donated my big floral chair to Goodwill after it didn't sell at my yard sale last weekend. I've got way to much furniture at the moment. B is on my lap making biscuits...and making it hard to type.
Time // 5:55 in the evening
Eating // nothing at the moment but will warm up some white chicken chili after I'm done here
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee! (some things never change)
Reading // I finished reading Beautiful Ruins ~ Jess Walter.  and LOVED it!

I also read// The Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls ~ Anton DiSclafani
I will hopefully make a review post for both of these soon. But just in general, I didn't much care for Yonahlossee... yeah. Not much.

I also just finished// The Five People You Meet in Heaven ~ Mitch Albom
Which I think I shouldn't have liked, but I did like it. 

And finally
I finished The Purpose Driven Life ~ Rick Warren
Which I believe I will turn around and start again.

Watching // TED Talks... I've watched enough now that I feel like I better start a spreadsheet on which I've seen, which I liked, which I LOVED, and which I'm not impressed with... I almost had a chance to go to a TEDx but I've got another commitment
Listening //  Bring Up the Bodies ~ Hilary Mantel. 
Little bit hard to handle on audio and splitting focus between listening closely and driving. 

Music //Another Barnstormers last night. Enjoyable but small crowd. Highlight was Ghost Wolf

I've also put klove back on my radio in the car so I'm listening to a lot more Christian music again which puts me in a better mood. 
Blogging // So I missed like a month here... but I'm also posting on my other blog as I work on getting out of debt. I'm being very frank with where I am with this too. Even as I take on additional debt while I'm supposed to be getting out of debt. go see if you'd like. 
Acquisitions // I'm not supposed to buy anything until I'm out of debt, but on a whim I went to the other second hand store in town and lucked upon 8 hardback Stephen King books for $10. Well actually they were $8 but I felt so guilty buying them, I had to have them keep the change.
The Stand - Uncut
Night Shift (early edition)
Pet Semetary (1st)
IT (1st)
The Dead Zone (early edition)
Christine (early edition)
The Dark Half (1st)
Cujo (1st)
My deepest inclination is to keep them and hoard them forever, but part of me is being nudged to sell them and split the money between my debt and the charity secondhand store that sold them to me.

What would you do?????

Hating  // Indecision. About what to do.  Where to live. Being in debt. 
Loving // So last time I posted I was looking forward to having my house how I wanted it... except... I now have all of my mother's house in my house and it looks a bit like this...
So right now I'm not loving having my house the way I want it certainly. Today I'm loving working on simplifying my life...and the disconnecting from the world of dating has been my BEST decision so far
Writing // Have actually been doing some work on a new project. On Collapse. I'm so happy with it and hope I can push myself into finishing it.
Avoiding // Organizing my office. It's trashed and it seems so overwhelming to look at what is in alllll those piles.
I may not post every week, but I do read some Sunday Salons every week and usually into the week. I do so much love the peek into your lives too my blogging friends! Thanks for letting me in even for just a little bit.