My Bucket List

This is a stream of consciousness list of things that strike me would be great to do in this life. Some are dreams that I've been procrastinating since I could plan others are whims that seemed like a good idea when I put them on here.

1. Graduate college
     AA - Clinton Community College done May 2011
     BA - University of Iowa
     MLS or MFA - University of Iowa
2 See my girls graduate from college  - One down. The other is happily employed. Win Win
3 Finish my novel
4. Be published in the Iowa Review
5. Go to New England preferably for Thanksgiving
6. Go to Europe - UK, Ireland, France, Italy   ~ Ireland May 2016
7. Pay off my house it's kinda cheating, I sold it and bought a mobile home. 
8.Cook through a cookbook (which is funny because I'm not a great cook, I'm too impatient and I hate making a mess to clean up. Still have to pick a cookbook. anyone know one for the ocd with add cook?)
9. Go to BEA in person
10. Start a book club
11. Crowd surf from the mosh pit
12. Have a home library (not just a bookshelf, think Beauty and the Beast...sort of)  I have now both done this and no longer wish this. I owned (for an embarrassingly short amount of time) a bookstore. I kept wanting to GIVE books to people who came in and were excited about reading.
13.  I used to have Fall in Love Again on her as #13 on my bucket list. But I did that, and it turned out it wasn't all it was cracked up to be and that old hearts mend slower than young ones. So I sorta accomplished it?

14. Get my novel published. - Why was this not on here before?