Saturday, June 9, 2012

BEA topic of the day... oh wait

No more BEA means no more handy dandy topic starters. Soooo.

I'll just wing it.

I jumped in and started The Fault in Our Stars and got to page 100 before tears made me have to put it aside for the night.

oh and this morning I did my very 1st 5K

that's me on the end down there... on the right.
I came in 1698th ;) Not first, but not last either!
I have soooo much training to do if I do this again :)

These are also some people I introduced The Help to and after we all read it we all went to the movie together when it came to our town.

They are always asking me whats the next great book like that. I can find plenty for us girls, but Steve being in there poses a problem (plus this is a pretty conservative crowd...churchy even so I have to watch the topic there to).

Suggestions blogosphere gurus?


  1. How would they feel about The Night Circus or Water for Elephants? Would both be ok for conservative crowds and guys. Or, if you're up to a big project - try Stephen King's 11/22/4 - Awesome!!!

    Way to go on the run. I can't imagine accomplishing that.

  2. Ok - obviosly I messed up the name of King's book - but you probably figured that out by now. :)

    11/22/63 by Stephen King - there!

    1. lol Tami, I got it :) It's on my nightstand but I haven't started it yet.

      I looooooved the Night Circus!! I thought about that one. Water for Elephants - well the book has that one scene with the 'girls' and the animal stuff is too much I think...

      really really have to be careful! ;)

    2. How about Calico Joe by John Grisham? I honestly don't remember if there are language issues, but no sex or violence.

  3. Ohhh The Fault in Our Stars. I still haven't read it, mostly because I really haven't felt like reading anything sad in a long time.

    I know what you mean about book recs. My mom works for the Salvation Army and the one lady there asked for recs for her teen daughter, except they barely let her read anything they consider "bad". I had a hard time coming up with recs because being in my 20s and someone who doesn't really have a problem with content being there I wasn't sure what they thought might be appropriate or not appropriate. I remember not being allowed to watching certain shows and movies when I was younger, but I never remember my books being censored. If anything I think I censored myself based on my own beliefs/thoughts.

  4. I read The Dressmaker earlier this year and enjoyed it. It's about a girl in her 20s or so who manages to get on the Titanic to be a maid for a famous fashion designer. (Full review is at Novel Escapes if you're interested)

  5. I always have way more trouble finding book recommendations for guys. I feel like I always end up recommending one of the non-fiction history books that I read ;P

  6. Way to go with your 5K. I'm teaching myself to run a mile right now. I do it in intervals. I hope to get up to the point that I can run a marathon. But, we'll see if that happens.