Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who says you can only garage sale in summer!

So Facebook has again become a wonderous place. We have a group here called Jackson County Online Garage Sale and I'm trying not to spend just about all my time there! Usually if I post something, priced fairly, I can move it in just a couple of hours....

Which isn't the problem....

The trouble is the buying! I've gotten quite a few things, today I got a dust mop and a pair of Avia running shoes for $5.00!

And yesterday I went and for a dollar each (I usually hold out for cheaper but these were on my tbr list) got these. She had a WHOLE box full and told me to take what I wanted, but I couldn't do that. I knew she could move those books, they were in perfect condition! I would have bought the whole box but I only had $2.00 on me!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012


My youngest daughter is the biggest John Green fan ever! And Hank for that matter. She's a dyed in the wool Nerdfighter and dang proud of it. She works hard to reduce world suck and trys to always remember to be awesome.

So when I heard The Fault In Our Stars was available for pre-order, I jumped on that.

We were even more thrilled when it was revealed that all pre-orders would be signed!! And then different things started happening with the signing, the Yetti contributed some, so did Hank and it's all a crap shoot as to who gets which signed page!!

And then it turned out this book would be about cancer...which my oldest daughter is in remission from and the curiosity built.

So we waited...and waited...and waited.

Now today it's here. Amazon's smiling cardboard was placed on my desk about an hour ago. And the waiting is over.


Since this is my daughters book and she's the reason we love these guys with all our heart, I better let her open it. right? or....

Nah! I'll be good.

I'm so glad it snowed and there's an early out!!



Monday, January 9, 2012

My other challenge

The 2012 TBR Pile Challenge hosted by the illustrious Adam over at  Roof Beam Reader! And a HUGE thanks for this challenge my friend!

Here are the rules:
  • The Goal: To finally read 12 books from your “to be read” pile (within 12 months).
  • Specifics:
  • 1. Each of these 12 books must have been on your bookshelf or “To Be Read” list for AT LEAST one full year. This means the book cannot have a publication date of 1/1/2011 or later (any book published in the year 2010 or earlier qualifies, as long as it has been on your TBR pile – I WILL be checking publication dates). Caveat: Two (2) alternates are allowed, just in case one or two of the books end up in the “can’t get through” pile.
  • 2.  To be eligible, you must sign-up with Mr. Linky below – link to your list (so create it ahead of time!) and add updated links to each book’s review.  Every listed book must be completed and must be reviewed (doesn’t have to be too fancy) in order to count as completed.
  • 3.  The link you post in the Mr. Linky below must be to your “master list” (see mine below).  This is where you will keep track of your books completed, crossing them out and/or dating them as you go along, and updating the list with the links to each review (so there’s one easy, convenient way to find your list and all your reviews for the challenge).  See THIS LINK for an idea of what I mean.  Your list must be completed by December 31st, 2011.
  • 4. Leave comments on this post as you go along, to update us on your status. Come back here if/when you complete this challenge and leave a comment indicating that you CONQUERED YOUR 2012 TBR LIST!  Every person who successfully reads his/her 12 books and/or alternates (and who provides a working link to their list, which has links to the review locations) will be entered to win a $50 gift card from or The Book Depository!
  • 5. Crossovers from other challenges are totally acceptable, as long as you have never read the book before and it was published pre-2011!
  • *Note – You can read the books on your list in any order; they do not need to be read in the order you have them listed. As you complete a book – review it, and go back to your original list and turn that title into a link to the review - that will keep the comments section here from getting ridiculously cluttered.  For an example of what I mean, Click Here.
I particularly like this challenge because I have so many books that are overlooked and unappreciated hanging out in my library (I can say that now because I actually DO have a room in my new house that's my library) and this way I can get to them. 
And since quite a few of them were overlooked and passed by because they were huge and I was all worried about how many books I could or couldn't read in a year, I can use some of this list for my Chunkster Challenge list as well :)
 So here we go. I am reading Pillars of the Earth right now.

2012 TBR Pile Challenge
1. Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follet
2. Under The Dome - Stephen King
3. The Killer Angles -Michael Shaara
4. The Jungle - Upton Sinclair
5. The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver
6. Nickle and Dimed (on not getting by in America) - Barbara Ehrenreich
7.Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams
8. Sarum - Edward Rutherford
9. Gone With The Wind-Margaret Mitchel
10. One For The Money - Janet Evanvich
11. Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden
12. Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides

Alternates -  Thirteen Moons and All The Pretty Horses
I'll look forward to how this goes for everyone and will probably end up with more on my own TBR list from reading your posts :)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 2012 challenges start

I was so happy to find the blog Chunkster Challenge!! Please go there and read the information and guidelines for the challenge and then go thank our hosts, Wendy at Caribousmom and Vailly at 1330V. I can't wait to get into this!
In reading the blogs this new year I've noticed that some of us seem to have something in common. We enjoy being able to list a large number of books on our 'read-so-far-this-year' statistics. And that's fun, even  though my numbers weren't that impressive comparatively. Still, I would look at the page number in order to chose which book to read next.

And I probably missed some great books.

Plus, I really have a thing for great big epic books :)

That said, I'm trying to not be all hung up on numbers, learn to read faster, make more time for reading, and read some really good books like:

1) Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follet - 972 pages

2) Under the Dome - Stephen King - 1072 pages

3)Mansfield Park - Jane Austen - 507 pages

4 *A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson - 544 pages


4) The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxay - Douglas Adams - 815 pages

Which puts me at the Chubby Chunkster level.

I'll look forward to seeing how everyone does. My track record isn't that great with challenges, but HEY! my intentions are awesome :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The year's first finish and first start

It always feels good to finish the first book of the year. Even if I technically started it in the last year. And I very much enjoyed it!!

Jane Smiley is an authentic voice for those who are just a bit aghast at the manners of the midwest.

And, even though I broke tradition and saw the film (or in this case mini-series) first, I am starting the chunkster Pillars of the Earth.

I feel awful that I'm worried about reading this because it may put me behind in my 2012 reading challenge because it will take me so long to get through it. Since when did numbers outweigh reading good books in my world? Just because I missed the 2011 goal I set doesn't mean that goal numbers are the end all of my reading purpose!! sheesh silly me!

I also stumbled on a book I've added to my TBR list and it fits in with my goal to read more new (or newer ) releases.
 The Sisters - by Nancy Jensen.

Another family epic, this one set near the area where I grew up, spanning 3 generations. I'm really looking forward to it!!

My review of A Thousand Acres will be up soon, but I'll go so far as to say I gave it 4.5/5 stars.

My new friend does a cool thing where he reads one fiction and one non-fiction a month. I don't read near enough non-fiction so I need to try to add this idea. And finish The Kitchen Counter Cooking School which I was really enjoying but let my galley run out before I finished it.

And, I'm jonesing for a trip to the bookstores I love (indie and chain, but mostly indie) and I need to get back to the library soon.

I'm so glad the world of books is soooo big!! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

 Since getting into blogging and finding the realm of book bloggers, I have been so happy with the directions my reading has taken and one of my favorite things is to look back over my 'books read' list and see what wonders have crossed my path and the emotion I still have towards them.

Goodreads is my favorite place to keep track of my reading, but my daughters gave me a leather journal in 2004 for Mother's day and I've used it as a book log every since. It is this journal that I simply love to get down and reflect on, especially on New Years Day when I talley up my books and put a new year's heading in. And I look to see what books most affected me.

This year it was:
The Help - I still think there is more to this book than the historical look at prejudice. I think this book takes an historical perspective and mocks us as we shake our heads at how terrible it was that people treated other people that way yet all the while it is still going on everyday today in America and it's not only accepted but expected. There are different faces involved but the principal is the same.

Anne of Green Gables - This was the first time I'd read this and I realized that simplicity, awe, and kindness should not be so lost in literature. I loved everything about this book and the kinder, gentler way it left me.

The Night Circus - For showing me there is still magic to be written and discovered as wonderful as Harry Potter. Explore this book if you ever every loved a Potter book!!

AND I'm looking ahead to what will come across my nightstand this coming year. And expecting some surprises! My big goal for this year is to read more new releases or, better still, galleys! Yes there are TONS of books out there that I want/need to read but I want to add some current excitement to my lists. The others that I KNOW will be on this years READ list that I'm super excited for:

Pillars of the Earth - I absolutely can not wait to get into this book!!

The Jungle - this has been on my radar forever! I've probably been looking forward to it so long I'm just setting myself up for disappointment

A Walk in the Woods - I'll probably think I need to go walk part of the Appalachian Trail when I get done with this one!!

But most of all I'm looking forward to HOPEFULLY blogging these and having my life be calm enough to do that with regularity! :)

I hope you come along with me!!