Friday, June 8, 2012


What does the future of blogging hold? I'm not up on all the trends but I have watched things in this big ole internet turn in some patterns through the years I've been watching it.

 Twitter used to be IRC

Blogs used to be Yahoo GeoCities of 'genre-ish' personal websites

Facebook was myspace - ok well those are similar except myspace was janky ;)

The difference was an increase in the level of professionalism in the platform. The ideas were stepped up a notch.

That will be blogging. I don't know how but that's what I see, and increased level of professionalism in both the content and the platform (the platform will allow all of us hobbybloggers to continue with reviews and gushing book love like we do now.)

So what would I like to know??

My readers this week may have heard me say there is no bookstore in my burg. We are 6K strong. And the nearest bookstore - indie or otherwise- is 30 miles away.

Would I be crazy to think that empty storefront downtown with good parking would make a good bookstore like this one...with some cash and some elbow grease?

I was told 'oh a bookstore would never go'. Yet EVERYONE I know reads. And I believe that a store wont go...but thats the trouble with this hamlet...they open their doors and sit there. waiting for people to come in. And bemoan the industry when People don't.

I believe you have introduce a Book Culture and engage the People with their preexisting love of books.

My HUGE fear???? How can indies compete in the digital pub arena? Are publishers going to license to them?? I could make a fortune helping the elders of the town whos kids got them kindles for mother's day at a dollar a pop to get them the latest download. Better still if the bookstore had the access to the d/l for a couple less bucks.

Just a though, but it's been on my mind often lately.


  1. Opening a book store has been on my mind alot also. I live in SE Nebraska. The closest book store is in St. Joe, MO (55 miles) or Omaha, KC, or Topeka (all about 90 miles). The town where I work (we live out in the country) is about 5K population. I THINK a book store would work? But then you see the big names going under and I'm scared to persue it. I envision both new and used books, maybe a coffee counter, - - -
    lots of ideas, little money :)

    Let me know if you decide to give it a try. Maybe we could start our own franchise. :)

  2. If I had an indie bookstore near me I would DEFINITELY go to it. Like, unquestionably. Plus, if everyone you know reads, make them feel bad about amazon and stuff and then they'd have to go to your bookstore ;). But, basically, I like your way of thinking :)

  3. Maybe you should contact others who have done what you want to do and ask if they have any advice or suggestions? I have seen indies do well. They tend to pick a niche and really work it. That's one of the plusses of indies because they carry such a great back stock of titles. Chains tend to only have the most recent.

    But there's a lot to think about. Passion will get you a long way but it doesn't hurt to research it a bit more and see what specific challenges you may face. Then your passion will be armed with knowledge, a fierce duo. Good luck to you.

  4. I used to live in a town of 2k w/ the nearest bookstore 2 hours away and I wanted to do the same exact thing as you!!! I wanted to add coffee, too, but locals were telling me that they won't leave their Dunkin Donuts :) I would start with a business plan (yikes!) and go from there. That's how a lot of friends of mine started small biz's in small towns. Grants, too. Make sure to include the community outreach to the local homes and senior centers. The library, too!

    I still find it easier to read paper than my Kindle ~ I'm faster at paper and maybe there's more people like me :)

    btw ~ thx for visiting me earlier this week! I'm glad I met you this week!!

  5. Wow. That's a big question to ask. It would be fun to open a bookstore. I'd absolutely love it, myself. But, I have no business expertise to answer your question. Whatever you end up deciding to do, I hope it goes well!