Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mid- Holiday musings Sunday Salon

Time //  11:12

Eating // left over crepe with french vanilla creme and strawberry filling topped with pure locally crafted maple syrup 

Drinking // Coffee. But not very quickly

Weather // Terrifying! Ice and snow for tomorrow and I have a 70 mile round trip to work. That has to change. I just can't do this commute in winter. 


I haven't started this yet... I've been experimenting with silence in the car for a bit.

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon
This has been a book for me I'm relishing like good dark chocolate!

Also... got an email for a discounted book courtesy of Net Galley and chose 
I've gone through a myriad of emotion since I started it yesterday. I'm halfway done. It's a digital edition or I'd have it all marked up... not all in compliance either.. Oh I may have some things to say about that. 

Watching // Harry Potter Marathon... at this writing Goblet of Fire is on..

I'm dying for the time to slow down and have a re-read. I haven't read them since I first read them out loud to my daughters because they couldn't fully read a book like that yet... my daughters are 20 and 21 now. 

Music // Did some Christmas Carols this week anyway

Blogging // Nothing much done this week but hopefully in the weeks to come.

Acquisitions // My daughter listens.. I had a very beat up paperback copy of The Gunslinger, book one of Stephen King's Dark Tower series... and one of my all time favorites, and she got me a nice fresh copy!! And she followed my quest rules too so I can count it!

Hating  // Commuting in winter. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Loving // A picture perfect holiday. 

Writing // Had my daughter read my chapter 1 draft... she wasn't that impressed. Lots of work to do apparently. 

Avoiding //   Still same... I need to finish my office. 

Next week? The inevitable New Year's Resolution post. I love these !!!

Both my girls were home and not one picture. what is wrong with us? 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday before Christmas Salon

Time //  1:24 ~ how did it get so late already??

Eating // nothing..lots of popsicles in the house. 

Drinking // Coffee with Hazelnut creamer... I"m treating myself

Weather // Perfect!! I went shopping without my coat and was 100% comfortable


I haven't started this yet... I've been experimenting with silence in the car for a bit.

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon
Haven't made much progress but still really enamored with this sweet book!

Watching // Netflix from time to time. My Youngest Angel is home after having her tonsils out at 20. If you've ever heard that it's harder as an adult.... believe it!!
She won't let me watch many Christmas movies which is killin' me!!

Practical Magic is the wrong holiday, I know... BUT it's still a great movie ;)

Music // Back to soundtracks... getting ready for the new Star Wars. 

Blogging // Better! And with ideas to boot!

Acquisitions // Nothing.. status quo which is very good!!

Hating  // That my baby girl is in pain. She had her tonsils out on Wednesday. Next day and Friday were ok, Friday night started nothing staying down. Saturday night we were in the ER. Bolus of fluids and a script for zofran and things are better. Still tons of pain during this stage.. the scabs are about to let go. I'd give anything to take this for her... Christmas will be mashed potatoes if she can and popsicles..maybe pudding too. 

Loving // Finding truly perfect gifts. Makes my heart sing.

Writing // Working on the book revision. Have a time to meet with an editor of a small press publication to submit an essay...fingers crossed y'all!!

Avoiding //   Same as last week....Setting up my office and actually doing my own A/P set up. I really need to be a better money steward. 

OH and I may have my trailer (which odd as it is to say, I very much loved!!) sold to the most deserving wonderful couple!! I wish I could GIVE it to them. Every meet people like that in just want to encourage them and bless them? I love these guys!

Like all of YOU!! I hope the Holidays (what ever you may celebrate) bring you much love, joy, and peace!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

contemplating change.

If you talk about change this time of year it's immediately assumed you are going into a post about New Years resolutions. But I'm not actually... I mean I suppose it could be... but  no. It's not.

Change for better or worse, just seems to find me this time of year. I started falling in love around Christmas one year, I quit smoking on a whim one year, and one year I lost my dad. This is just one of those times of year that the direction of my life hinges on.

I feel like Vianne in Chocolat, I can feel change blowing like the North wind.
And I want to heed it..

No matter how many times I tell my self I'm done, no matter how many resolutions I DO make for no more drama, no matter how much I look for ways to settle my ass down, I still feel the change when it's coming.

Even when it's not for the good. I feel it and I want to go with it.

Some people hate change, we all know that. Probably the majority do. But those like me... the gypsy-blood type. We are slaves to it.

So what's the big deal.. why does change illicit such strong emotions.. lets look at the pros and cons of this bad boy. kick the tires on it so to speak

Cons first.. I've always been into delayed gratification too..

  •      Uncertainty... it makes us feel unsure. In how to act, what to do, and what's expected
  •      Outcome... when no one knows what they are doing no one can efficiently create outcomes
  •      Efficiency... goes right out the window (at least for awhile)
  •      With all those things comes fear... fear especially of looking foolish.

But I'm a pro at looking foolish so nothing, at this point is going to ramp that up! I had a 4 month bookstore for Pete's sake.

Which brings us to the Pros of change

  •      Hope! that it'll work out better
  •      Fun... well I think change is fun, I believe thinking on and imagining possibilities is just about my favorite!!
  •      Mystery... who doesn't love surprises and the anticipation there of
  •      Excitement. Usually. Moves, job changes, travel, growth... exciting stuff!! 

Someone once said the only reason people ever seek change is because they have to. I don't believe that. I think sometimes we seek change for a challenge.

I was settled for years. I raised my kids and tried to take care of an aging mom. The kids are near on their own. Finishing college and Mom is being cared for. Which leaves me feeling....

like I hear that North wind starting to howl...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Two Huge Breaks in a Row... with three we get snacks

Time //  I'm cheating.... it's Saturday night. 

Eating // cheese and crackers

Drinking // Yes even at this time of night it's coffee for me

Weather // I love this weather so much I hate to talk about it because I know it won't last.

READING - FINISHED // The Snow Bride by Debbie Macomber

This was my first Debbie Macomber. It was fun and sweet. She is well loved by the ladies of my circle. I also have a sneaking suspicion my book "Into Each Life" bears similarities in our basic genre and style. Luckily so far not story line though.

I'm making it a point to read more authors in the genre or near-genre of the book I'm editing now. (the first in a series of at least 3). I have authors I aspire to and authors I'm trying to not be contemporaries with. In order to know which is which, I have to read them all. 
The scariest part of that is I run across so many fabulous stories and wonderful prose, it nearly scares me away from trying som days. Until I remember MY story and how much I love it and want to share it... then I go on. 

LISTENING TO // FINISHED:  Outlander ~ Diane Galbadon - 
I ADORED this book. And for once I think I can say it was the audio that won me. Oh I'd have liked the book had I read it, but the audio was so perfect that I fell head over heals for it!
Now I"m ready to start Lucky Us ~ Amy Bloom

READING:// At Home in Mitford ~ Jan Karon

This is one of those books I was talking about. I'm really enjoying it too!! It's ADORABLE!!

Sarum ~ Edward Rutherfurd
I just couldn't get going on Sarum yet. Too intimidating!! The sheer length and breadth!

Watching // Not much... TV hasn't been on in days. While I decorated the scrawniest Christmas tree in history, I 
(There is actually a story behind why I have such a sad tree...but I'll tell it another time.)
watched Elf and then Something's Gotta Give.

SGG is one of my 'go to' writing movies. :)

Music // Back to K-Love and Contemporary Christian. 

Blogging // Yeah.. about that.

Acquisitions // Nothing lately but 2 text books coming up this month.

Hating  // The thought of winter coming. 

Loving // Getting these moves over with. I'm in my new place. Old place is for sale. I'm getting used to it, but I'm actually not exactly thrilled. 

Writing // Actually... lots!! which may explain my blogging hiatus. 

Avoiding //   Setting up my office and actually doing my own A/P set up. I really need to be a better money steward. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Returning After an Unintentional Break

Not sure where this break came from, but I just hadn't gotten around to posting lately...

Time //  12:24

Eating // nothing, but I'm hungry

Drinking // coffee with hazelnut creamer

Weather // fall is falling here, and I dislike it

READING - FINISHED // Some Luck by Jane Smiley ~~~~ FINALLY!!!!!!!

Full review (or my reaction as it were) coming soon... along with the other book Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts. I promise.

LISTENING TO // Outlander ~ Diane Galbadon - Still 
I read reviews of books I'm reading... do you do that?... It's risky trying to avoid spoilers. I had seen the negatives on this complaining of the over use of sex and of domestic violence...well, I've hit that part and I do find it annoying. And so trivial because Gabaldon's writing could certainly stand well alone without it. I'm enjoying her style and pace, descriptions and dialog so much I would certainly have loved the book even more were those foray into the the bedroom shorter and further between.

READING:// Sarum ~ Edward Rutherfurd
If Some Luck took me 9 months to finish, I can't even imagine how long Sarum is going to take!!

Watching // Time Lapse

This was a fantastic little movie about a couple and their room mate friend who find a camera that has been photographing them day in the future and the trouble that ensues when they attempt to use it for their own good. The twists and turn are well played and the acting was solid! Oh... and that ending. Perfect!!

Music // Kinda attached to a country song called Break Up With Him

Blogging // Holy nothing Batman!

Acquisitions // The Call ~ Adam Hamilton

This is for our first adult Sunday School session. It's good to have a study going again!!

Hating  // The thought of winter coming. 

Loving // This period of really low utility bills

Writing // Still Nada

Avoiding // writing a speech. I actually need to get the writing part done. I have most of it in my head but that's not going to cut it.  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My first post 50 post :) with some space in between

My first post 50...

Time //  11:01

Eating // french toast sticks

Drinking // et java

Weather // Hot Hot Muggy Hot :) Love it!

READIN - FINISHED // Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts ~ Janet DeLee
Full post review coming this week

LISTENING TO // Outlander ~ Diane Galbadon
So far I'm TOTALLY in love with this book!! And the Narrator is amazing :)


Some day I'll finish this. Some. Day.

READING:// Sarum ~ Edward Rutherfurd
I'll be starting this tonight, but I think it'll be about a week before I get started on it. I want to finish Some luck first and I have a bit of trepidation about reading two books on historical England/Scotland. 

Watching // NCIS

Now on Season 7 :)

Music // Haven't listened to too much. Maybe some planet 80's?

Blogging // Holy nothing Batman!

Acquisitions // Flowers For Algernon ~ Daniel Keyes
This is one of those books everyone's supposed to have read and everyone seems to HAVE read except me! So I was jazzed to find a copy at Goodwill.

Hating  // Needing advice and not having anyone to go to now that my Dad is gone. I need to make a change but I don't know which way to go. 

Loving // So far my new role at my full time job... I was heartbroken to have to leave the library but my circumstances couldn't bear only part time work. Even while trying to finish a degree. So I'm back in an great office in an A/P role. 

Writing // Nada lately but I hope this week I get something done

Avoiding //  Making a complete decision. I'll be putting my house on the market again (didn't sell last time) and I'd like to change agents. So how do I politely say this to my old agent. We'd done business before I just feel like I may get more buyer exposure with another agency. 
Then I have to figure out how to price it... as is and cheap, or drop in some money and upper range of the older two story home market, which is slow. GAH! Looks like either way I'll lose some money. 

So my full time job is 35 miles away. Easy commute, straight shot up a 4 lane highway. But with winter being on the way I'd sure like to look at moving up that way. Even though housing is more expensive and finding something may be a bit of a chore.
I think I'll just go listen to Outlander and pretend I'm in 1700's Scotland after walking through a rock... sounds so much easier!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My last pre 50 post

Time //  8:56 (just getting in under the wire)

Eating // Ice cream with chocolate syrup.

Drinking // the usual

Weather // Heading into a heat wave. I'm hoping for storms tonight.

READING - FINISHED // The Golden Compass ~ Bill Pullman

I used my BCC list to pick this one. I'll be doing a review this week on it. For a preview... 5 stars if you omit about 13 pages. with those 13 pages... 2.5 stars. Those are some pretty important pages.

LISTENING TO // Wool ~ Hugh Howey
Haven't gotten back to this yet. 


Some day I'll finish this. Some. Day.

READING:// Taking Leaps & Finding Ghosts ~ Janet DeLee
Haven't gotten very far, but what I've read so far is pretty fun.

Watching // NCIS

I've let a cold roll over into pneumonia/bronchitis. And while I was convalescing I found out that 11 seasons of NCIS are on Netflix. We actually owned DVD's through 7, but through 11? I was giddy. It may have been the fever. I'm on season 3 now.

Music // Haven't listened to too much. Maybe some planet 80's?

Blogging // Not as much as I'd hoped, but at least I did get some reading done!

Acquisitions // Well I had an accidental acquisition... I took out a copy of The Wapsipinicon Almanac.out from the library .. nice local printed, local written literary journal... beautiful little mag... and my cat puked on it... so now I own it.

Hating  // I've been sick since June 28th. First told viral, then recently put on Z Pak and this morning in the ER with pleurisy. Fun. Enough!!

Loving // I found a writer's group!! I'll blog more about this later. I'm so thrilled! On a side note I also found the most delicious iced mocha latte in the world!!

Writing // Have done some. Working on a short story that keeps getting longer. Came up with a couple other projects for the future.

Avoiding //  Posting some new items to my Etsy shop. For one the weather hasn't given me a good picture day when I could utilize it. I have books and vintage goodies going up.

Other than being sick... Still looking at where my path is leading.  With me it's never cut and dried.

Oh and I turn 50 on Tuesday... I'm devastated!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday... and I'M a feature! woot!

I am thrilled and honored to be this weeks featured blog on: 

Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted 
by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

I mean SERIOUSLY!! Could there be anything better for a bunny in the world than a blogHOP???

This weeks question, suggested by:
is a real brain teaser for me! 
 1) because i'm old as dirt and that's a long way back to thinking
 2) because I actually remember SO MANY!!

I mean I can totally remember reading this...
My First Counting Book

But for an ACTUAL reading book, one of the first I'd have to say was:
Little House in the Big Woods
I was given the boxed set as a gift. I still remember the fun of running on the prairie, of Pa going out in the blizzard, of any visit by Mr. Edwards...especially at Christmas. This book was my first experience in literary travel, where I felt like I actually WENT somewhere else, and some TIME else! 

I followed this closely by:
Little Women
Another gift. This is the actual set I found under the Christmas tree that year (no I"m not saying WHAT year, NO! they weren't new releases!! Don't get cheeky!)

I logically followed these up with other such reading as Edgar Allen Poe, followed closely by Stephen King.

No matter the genre, these books set up my love of reading!! 

How about you? How far back can you bend that memory? What book do you find when you reach way, way back??

Let us know and link up!


And don't forget to follow! Follow! FOLLOW!!!

Especially our gracious hosts!

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