Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Salon 7 28 13

JULY 28, 2013

Time // 10:54 (went to church and saw Mom already) 
Place // Big floral chair. Marci is asleep on my left arm like a baby. 
Eating // I'm starving but only had 3 little cookies at coffee hour after church. An omelette sounds good tho.
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee!
Reading // Finished Blockade Billy ~ Stephen King. I almost hate to use that as a book because it was really just two long short stories that weren't exactly novellas either. Now I'm reading Beautiful Ruins ~ Jess Walter. I'm keeping my mouth shut until I'm totally done with this one!!!

Watching // Made my oldest daughter watch The Shining. And watching Sense & Sensibility. There's a distinct reason for that last choice. But I"ll let it go for now.
Listening // 1 audio books: Ecological Intelligence ~ Daniel Goleman (just about done. I'm on the last disc) and then I'll go to Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Music // What ever's on the radio in my car. No one specific at the moment (although I really like Jason Derulo's new song Other Side.)
Blogging // Posted a mid year update on my New Year's Resolutions. That was depressing
Acquisitions // I'm thinking all I have right now is 2 movies out from the library. No other acquisitions recently
Hating  // How even when you're supposed to be over something, there are times when it's all raw and painful again.
Loving // Wow... can't believe I'm having trouble with this one... there are a lot of things I'm loving, but they are all bittersweet at the moment. So for now I'll put that I'm loving this peaceful Sunday morning.
Writing // Progress slowed on my new project, but it's still very exciting and I wish I had more time to devote to it.
Avoiding // Sending back the gifts post-breakup - I still haven't done this :( Finishing a few minor tasks at moms house ... but I'll go do those this afternoon
Anticipating // Mom's house IS officially on the market :) Now I'm anticipating it being sold. pleasepleasepleaseplease make it soon.

TODAY - nothing in particular. just chill and try to get some writing done, some laundry done, some cleaning done, some shopping done, some packing done, some vacuuming done.... ok, well that doesn't sound chill AT ALL!! ;)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mid year up date on New Year's Resolutions

It's time for an update on my resolutions... and a look at their sheer folly. Intentions are such a deceit!

1. No shopping.

  • For myself I guess I haven't done too bad. I bought a some accessories for an event I went to in February. A Maxidress from Walmart this month and sundry small things... mostly from Goodwill.

2. Keep Flying

  • By this I'm talking about FlyLady and her method of housekeeping that I've found very useful...and that I've been HORRIBLE at following!! But once I tried to move my mom in, then had to move her to a nursing home, then had to get her house ready to sell and in doing so move all her homes contents to my house. And keep up with way too many cats. 
  • I. want. my. house. back! 

3.  Read more

  • I've done pretty good with this. But I'm still behind my Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge.

4.  Blog

  • I've not done as well as I'd hoped but I seem to be picking up the pace. I just hate that I always feel so pressed for time and hurry through my posts... I think I'll work on that next.

5.  Work on my Novel

  • Haven't touched it... BUT I did come up with a NEW and promising idea and I've done some work on it. .... but not enough

 6.  Work on Nutrition -

  •  Ok, well.... there's still time right?

7.  Cut Expenses -

  • I've actually increased them. But there again, there's still time
  • The increase actually came when I moved mom in and added dish tv for her.

9.  Get out of debt -

  •  Credit Card - beginning balance 9500 - 2000 + purchases = 9000 again :(
  • Home improvement loan -3800 down to 2900 
  • Auto loan -  4500 down to 2900 
  • Mortgage - 75000 (which I don't expect to fully pay off. I'm listing it just so I know) 74000
  • I making some progress anyway. The interest on the card is killing me. But I had to buy some things for my girls for college. There's just no two ways about it.

10.  Liquidate the un-necessary!

  • I've sold a few things but have so much more that should go

11. Balance Volunteer Positions

  • Friends of the Library - I stock the revolving book sale once a week & attend meetings 
  •      Stepped down when they got an intern
  • Church positions:
  •       Financial Secretary - every week at least 2 hours
  •       Youth board - monthly meeting and events
  •       Church Co-Librarian - as necessary, I'll work on this every week after I do the financials
  •       Vision Committee - we are dormant at the moment 
  •       Circle of Friends - a monthly fellowship group, co-organizer
  •       Ruth Circle Member - monthly meeting and 1 big event in May
  • Pink Drinks on a Thursday Evening - monthly book club - founder and defacto leader
    • This is dormant now too, but I'd like to see it revived.

12. Faith

  • I'm missing church more and more often and haven't been to a bible study in forever.

13.  Work

  • This is becoming an actual issue

14. Style

  • I can barely stand to get dressed I hate my clothes so much. But I manage to look cute for my size mostly

15. Exercise

  • The lack of use of the bike is probably why I hate the way my clothes look on me. I've put no effort into exercise. Not on the bike. Not walking. Not a yoga dvd. I barely even stretch when I wake up!!!

16. School

  • Bowed out of school. With 2 in college, I just can't afford it. 

17. No Dating

  • If you followed my blog you may know how poorly this one went. And I'm still not 100% healed. I'm starting to think I may never be. 
  • But I AM going on and am seeing a fantastic guy who treats me like gold.
  • So I've banished this resolution basically. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Feature Follow Friday!

 This week's featured blog is ParaDays. Congratulations.

This Week's question: What do you do with your books after you're done reading them? 

I love them and pet them and hug them and love them and feed them and pet them... ;)


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Salon July 14... HEY! Its my birthday!

July 14, 2013

Time // 8:10 prolly skipping church. 
Place // At the moment my big floral chair Caesar just jumped down off me cuz he heard a bird cheeping.
Eating // not read for that nonsense yet. But I did make a great Mediterranean Pasta Salad yesterday 
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee!
Reading // Finished Rabbit Is Rich ~ John Updike and now on Blockade Billy ~ Stephen King, but I think I'll be finishing that here in just a bit, then I'm going to Beautiful Ruins ~ Jess Walter. I keep hearing great things about this book.
Watching // SuperNatural and Dexter via netflix.
Listening // 1 audio books: Ecological Intelligence ~ Daniel Goleman and then I'll go to Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Music // What ever's on the radio in my car. No one specific at the moment (although I really like Jason Derulo's new song Other Side.)
Blogging // Actually posted a 'review'! Hopefully I'll have some time to devote to some of my bookish conversations soon.
Acquisitions // 6 books yesterday. 3 Cat Who books (I love those silly lil mysteries... call me crazy) and  Bad Girls of the Bible (I'll put this into the Church library collection since we don't have a copy yet.), Morality For Beautiful Girls and Reading Lolita in Tehran. Spent a whopping 2 bucks.

Hating  // Having my house still turned upside down... oh and getting older.
Loving // Being in this wonderful mood despite everything else I'm working with plus I made some writing progress. - Still this... PLUS... someone wonderful is back in my life :) 
Writing // Making huge progress (huge for me anyway) and liking where this story is going
Avoiding // Sending back the gifts post-breakup
Anticipating // Mom's house isn't on the market yet, but it will be this coming week. It looks great and all I have to do is get over there and stage it. probably today.

TODAY - yeah it's my birthday.... blahblahblah... 48 pfffffft on you! I'm 25 in heart forever!!
and since I've started writing this blog post both Marci and Tony have tried to share my lap..this may not end well!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Knee Jerk Opinion : Rabbit Is Rich ~ John Updike

It's funny, this book. Not haha funny, but the very definition of peculiar! It's a Pulitzer winner. It's John Updike. It's supposed to be poignant and literary. But I didn't LIKE it! I really really don't like Rabbit, I'm not fond of his wife, his friends are annoying as Eff. and I want to beat his kid!!
Yet I really wish I was a producer because I think that Rabbit is Rich would make a kick-butt movie right now!!

It's a 'slice of life' book set (and written) during the 70s. The things we complain about today they were complaining about then. There was too much sex and friendships were casual and shallow. Kids were rude and the government was oblivious. But the 70's were such a...well... unique? time. The cars were crazy ugly. And there was an 'energy crisis' that really needs explained for posterity Hollywood style and I think RIR would be a great way to explain it!! Seriously. This would be huge! It may even bring back leisure suits! And Caribbean vacations!

Updikes writing is (mostly) amazing! Sometimes I'd come across a sentence and just blurt out loud 'brilliant!' until I got to some of his notorious page and 1/2 paragraphs. Those were pretty annoying. The details of the daily life hit me at both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes I was impatient with them, sometimes I really savored them and it really made me feel like I was reading about my folks, or my folks neighbors because I'd die if I found out my folks behaved this way!! since I was in elementary school in this turbulent tim RIR gave me a glimpse of something I only vaguely felt, the world of grown ups and the decade of decadence they tried to drag out. I'm most most certainly glad I read it!!

Still.... yeah... I didn't like it.... did I?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Salon July 7th

July 7, 2013

tssbadge1Time // 11:40 a.m. Already been to church, helped host coffee hour and to my Mom's house for another van load of shtuff
Place // At the moment my big floral chair with Tibby trying to sleep on my right forearm. dumb cat.
Eating // bologna and cheese, but considered making french toast
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee!
Reading // Rabbit Is Rich ~ John Updike about 100 pages from the end. I'm catching myself skimming parts. 
Watching // SuperNatural and Dexter via netflix.
Listening // 2 audio books: Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell and Ecological Intelligence ~ Daniel Goleman
Music // What ever's on the radio in my car. No one specific at the moment
Blogging // Did better this week, which is amazing with everything going on in my life at the moment
Acquisitions // Added a box of books from Mom's house into my collection and a couple boxes to sell
Hating  // Nothing right now.
Loving // Being in this wonderful mood despite everything else I'm working with plus I made some writing progress.
Writing // Started a new project this week and it's flow is encouraging! This may have promise
Avoiding // Bills
Anticipating // Having Mom's house on the market this week. 

I found this wonderful little template at:
The blogger formerly known as 

Unfinished Person

I hope he's ok with me using it :)
I'll be looking forward to hear about your weeks.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long Weekend Listening

I have GOT to remember to get to the library this afternoon! It's a long weekend and I'll be painting my mom's house inside...the entire house, every single wall... and I'm in desperate need of some listening material!

What a great opportunity to listen to a few books! It hadn't even occurred to me earlier in the week when I was making my painting plans. I was just bummed that I have this project that has to get done to put the house on the market and I wasn't going to get read all weekend. But now that I remembered, I simply can't wait :)

The last time I painted I listened to:
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian
and fell totally in love with Sherman Alexie!! (Plus I've been to that Res before with my friend Tammy.)

Now to find something equally engaging in our libarary's collections hmmmm....
Maybe: Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell. This had been on my TBR list for some time now...
or maybe:

Maybe both!! :)

any other suggestions? I can always see if we have an audio in plus I do have iTunes