Sunday, March 22, 2015

Is it Sunday? If it weren't for Church service I wouldn't be able to tell.

Time //  1:07
Eating // Popcorn
Drinking // Apple juice with a tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar... anyone know why??
Weather // Spring is being shy today
READING // In The Heart of the Sea ~ Nathaniel Philbrick
Making some headway. I'm over half way through and am still not sure if I like it or not.
Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
Still haven't read another word
LISTENING TO // Whitethron Woods ~ Maeve Binchy

More a sucession of anecdotes revolving around the titled whitethorn woods, but still it's very emotionally soothing
Watching // The Giant Mechanical Man

I've been on a kick though of finding some fantastic movies. This one had me in tears because it so acurately portrayed what it feels like to be ignored. What it feels like to have people butt in but not listen. What it feels like to not be heard. Man. Hit so close to home of how I feel so often. The waterworks started when she found such an incredible guy!! DANG!! It's not fair. Would she have if she'd have been 50? probably not! But still, I really loved this movie too.

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // nothing in the Sunday Salon interim
Acquisitions // Found a couple more... not my fault... it was for a good cause!! I swear! It was the public library fundraiser booksale.

SEE!! Good stuff, Right??
Hating  //  Frustration. 
Loving // Family. I got to see my oldest daughter for the first time since Christmas. God I miss that kid (well, she's 21 so not really a kid, but you know, the whole emptynest thing.)

Writing // I'm ashamed I haven't gotten more done since last week! Seriously disappointed with myself.
Avoiding // Finishing my bookwork. HAS to be done by Tuesday or Wednesday.
My post is super late this week! I'll enjoy having lots and lots of yours to read!! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Back to the Sunday Salon

Time //  3:17
Eating // Spaghetti w/ free range local meat. It's my concession. 
Drinking // Java as always
Weather // Spring-ing!!!!

READING // In The Heart of the Sea ~ Nathaniel Philbrick
This is the title for Fireside Book Club at the local library. It's proven to be very good and for me, having slogged my way through Patrick O'Brian's Master & Commander that I was supposed to love. Still, it's me so I'm Tots rooting for the whales. Sorry not sorry. 

Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
I guess I didn't quite get back to this... actually I didn't even open it!
LISTENING TO // Whitethron Woods ~ Maeve Binchy

I'm actually really enjoying it. It's my first Binchy. So sweet.
Watching // Frequencies

Let the gushing begin. This was a fantastic movie!! It was original, well written, excellently cast, and understatedly (in a good way) directed. So I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes and it has critics score of (get this!!) 100%, audience of 81%. Seriously. See this film. 

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // 2 posts! W00t!
Acquisitions // Broke it again, but in my defense it was 50% off sale at Goodwill. This week I found...

Ebay ought to cover what I spent and I can keep the one I needed :)

Hating  //  Loneliness. I has it.
Loving // Opportunity.

Writing // My project list is up to 11 now :) This time has not been entirely a waste.
I have a lot of writing to do! (deets to come)
Avoiding // So I totally got away with not shoveling last week! Booyah!

Now, hmmm what am I avoiding..OH! sorting my 40 bags of stuff to get out my house by the end of Lent. Donated. No Recipt ;)

Soap Box Warning Ahead

Soap Box Warning Ahead

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Sunday Salon post for the following
... what's she on about today...

In January of this year, the Governor of our illustrious state of Iowa, in his forward thinking wisdom, announced plans to CLOSE TWO  of the STATE'S FOUR mental health institutes. 

Brilliant... NOT! What the heck is he thinking!! With statistics touting 60% mental illness rate among only women's prison inmates and 56% of the homeless population suffering from substance abuse or mental illness (a population intrinsically difficult to sample so this feels like a low skewed stat based on only shelter treated respondents ) HOW can he think this can make anything in our state better?? 

His side: He claimed that inpatient stays at the facilities on the chopping block were of short duration and could be handled in their own community. That and he proposes collaboration with the Iowa University Hospitals and Clinics to provide care. 

Yup. that's it. That's his whole case. You buyin that? Nope. Me neither. In fact I was absolutely incensed by the short sighted, budget playing, lobby cow-towing move. No more Robbing Peter to pay Paul in Gov Branstad's budget, we'll just kill Paul. Nice. 

And that's the part that got me. This is one of the most uncharitable, Un-represented things I've ever heard a public official doing. He seems to have zero regard for the least and the lost, the marginilized and the hurting in his own home state. 

I'm ashamed of him. But I'm not going to hang my head and take it.

I'm not the only one who had such a strong reaction. Today I learned of through the following post of a Rally taking place this Thursday. I've never been to a rally about anything. But I think I'm moved to go to this one. I may have to go alone but I will stand arm and arm with the strangers-become-freinds as we make our voices heard that this is not... NOT... right and NOT what IOWA stands for.
The following is from Bishop Trimble of the United Methodist Church:
March 13, 2015
It is time for all of us to respond more vigorously to the mental health crisis in the state of Iowa. 
On Thursday, March 19, the National Alliance on Mental Illness will be at the State Capitol educating legislators about the importance of mental health services and the need for an adequately funded and staffed adult and children’s mental health system. Registration is at 8:30 am and the rally and speakers will be from 9:30-11:00 am.
As I write this, the Des Moines metro area is grieving the loss of two middle school children who committed suicide this past month and the death of a veteran who had requested psychological assistance for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who had been told there would be a several week wait before he could see a counselor. Questions remain as to what more could have been done. There is no question that more should have been done.  
This is just the tip of the iceberg:
•  1 in 4 persons experiences a mental health issue in America1
•  1 in 10 children experience a period of major depression2
•  Approximately 123,000 (4.1%) people in Iowa live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression 3
•  Iowa should have a least 1,500 psychiatric beds for the severely mentally ill; we only have 7504
•  In the past five years, we have closed 80 psychiatric beds, leaving only 10 dedicated psychiatric beds in Des Moines for all of Iowa’s veterans5

There are approximately 80,000 youth in Iowa with Severe Emotional Disorder6; in other words, children who have mental illness. The statistics are numbing: 
•  50% of students over age 14 who have a mental illness will drop out of school7
•  70% of youth in the juvenile justice systems have a mental illness8
•  90% of those who die by suicide have a mental illness 9
•  Only 20% of children with mental illness are identified and receive services10 
Iowa is 44th in the nation for number of psychiatric providers per person11. We are short of not only psychiatrists, but psychiatric nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners and other psychiatric providers. The care of psychiatric patients will not get better until the workforce problem is taken care of. 
We deplore the fact that with the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, we have traded treatment in mental health institutions for warehousing the mentally ill in prisons. There are nearly 3,000 mentally ill inmates in Iowa’s prisons.12   
In 2013, Iowa recorded the largest number of suicides in our state’s history—445. 13 There is a major crisis of care in Iowa. Mental illness affects all of us. We all need to respond.
The United Methodist Church has a strong legacy of responding to the physical and mental health needs of all people. Our model is Jesus who had compassion and healed those besieged by mental illness.  
It is imperative that we, in Iowa, as a community which seeks excellence in all aspects of health—physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental—put our best efforts into improving our mental health system. Treatment must be available, timely, humane and affordable.  Therapists and counselors must be present in sufficient numbers so that those who are experiencing a mental health crisis are able to receive prompt attention. Psychiatric beds must be abundant to provide safe places for those who need inpatient care.  Insurance and other funding streams need to be adequate to provide needed services for those with mental illness.
We applaud the workers who provide essential care to those in need. We applaud the redesign efforts of the state to move toward community based (regional) mental health services. We encourage all those who are seeking to provide excellent services. We call upon all Iowans to support financially, spiritually and emotionally the people suffering from the variety of conditions we call mental illness.    
May our witness be helpful to legislators as we all seek to do our part to be compassionate and comprehensive in our care for those who need us the most. Please be a part of the solution on Thursday, March 19 at the State Capitol where we can inform legislators about the dire need for adequate funding and staffing for Iowa’s mental health system. Let us unite in facing this crisis together and rededicate ourselves to excellence of care for all with mental illness.
Be encouraged,
Bishop Julius C. Trimble

So, gentle reader, if you are from Eastern Iowa and want to tag along, let me know. I'll pick you up or meet you there!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day!! Woot!

Happy Pi Day boys and girls :) A very special one too. We actually go to Pi to the 9th digit today. Cool! useless? probably, but cool :)

So it's time to revisit the ole Resolution posts. How I'm doing?
I didn't do the full life gambit of resolutions this year. I only chose a reading resolution/challenge

The Goldfinch  - Possibly going to use this for A Book Everyone Has Read But You
The Giver - Book You Should Have Read In High School
On The Road - A Book You've Been Meaning To Read
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest - A book originally written in a different language

Well that's not bad!! It wasn't intentional reading to fit the list either :) Although, I suspect to finish the challenge I will have to choose some books to fit.

Did I have other goals? oh yes, but I'll maybe talk about them later.

What about you? To quote Joey Tribiani "How YOU doin'?"

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Couple of 'Oh Wow' reviews. The Goldfinch and On The Road

Let me say that while I'm glad I read both of these, I didn't really like (or even enjoy) either of them.

I'm terrible at writing big analytic reviews these days. Especially if the book isn't something that moved me, or that I enjoyed. If I had to do a 'Review on a post it" this would be:
When bad things happen to good people, and happen, and happen and then the good people make really crappy choices and sorta go a lil gaga"

But WOW the writing is so direct. So amazing. (and lots of it).  I see and don't see why it got the Pulitzer. I'd really have to spend some time with the writing to connect all the metaphorical dots. The boats, the art, the drugs, the craftsmanship. Are we all works of art? are our souls like sinking boats? Are we works of craftsmanship? I've read reviews that trash the writing, say it's more Young Adult than literature. I wonder. Is it or did they have something else in mind going into it. I know I did, and while I was completely surprised by the trek of the book, I don't think the writing distracted from it's power one iota.

I did love Hobie though. For the movie... John Lithgow. Has to be.  100%.

And then there's Kerouac. Oh my Gyod I'm EXHAUSTED from this book!!! For the love of pete boys SIT THE EF STILL for a while would ya!

Review on a post it... if you remember the kids book GO,Dog Go, well then Kerouac has Go, Cat Go! and go. and go. If these were the Beats, its a miracle we didn't kill ourselves during the cold war.

And this was the 50s? and late 40's? WOW!!! Nothing new under the sun boys and girls. Always something out there to drive that fact home too.

Now... off to find something I actually DO like :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What day is it again? Oh yeah Sunday Salon day

Sunday MARCH 1, 2015

So glad it's MARCH!!

Time //  3:02
Eating // Chips and Queso
Drinking // Coffee - this may never change
Weather // cold and then it warms up and snows, then cold, then cold then it warms up and snows.

Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley
Think I'll get back to and finish this now. Hope to have a better time with it too
LISTENING TO // The  Goldfinch ~ Donna Tartt
Haven't gotten too much further with this. And now I'm not going to be commuting as much so I better bring it in for my cd player

Watching // 
Not really anything at the moment. At least nothing to write home about. I actually just watched for the first time yesterday
All my friends love this movie. I have been searching for a not-cheesy Christian movie and while this was good, I even teared up a little bit, it's not QUITE what I'm looking for. 
Suggestions on this VERY welcome!!! 

Music // KLOVE 
Blogging // Didn't get my 'midweek' posts done as I'd thought I'd try to, but maybe next week. after all, I'll have more time now. At least for awhile.
Acquisitions // I didn't take long did it... I broke my Aquisitions rule.
But really, they were some books I didn't have and needed to add...
Nice paperback copy of this! So far my favorite Hemingway. i have a couple to go including Moveable Feast.
Picked up a nice blank journal to use as a give-a-way for mother/daughter banquet in May.
Hating  //  Being in limbo again. not entirely, but kinda ... or winter. both suck
Loving // Opportunity. chances. choices and potential. all of which are at my fingertips now that im no longer employed. (My choice though so it's a good thing)

Writing // Fleshed out my new idea, came up with TWO other ideas!! I could stay so busy just writing!
Also wrote another Sermon that I will be delivering as a Lay Servant at Wednesday night Lent service. Last year it went terribly wrong. hopefully this year It will go so much better!
Avoiding // Shoveling. We got 6 inches of snow last week. I shoveled my front walk and the required sidewalk, but I boycotted doing my driveway. I'm done. It'll melt sooner or later.

Yes I quit my job. Without having another one to go to. I do have some leads. And I have some reserves. Like I said, it was sad to go, I really enjoyed the actual work I was doing. But it is what it is. I'm looking at two jobs this week, working on some online sales, ebay and etsy especially. And beginning the polishing procedure to get a piece or two ready to send out. 
And I'm sad Leonard Nemoy passed away.