Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Networking? We dohn neeed no steenking networking!!

Just kidding. Actually this is an area that I am Juuuuuust dipping my toes in. My blog is still small and more amateur (I spelled that word so wrong the first time that spell check couldn't even figure out what I meant)

Yeah so it's still so amateur that I have no 'names' to drop when I meet people IRL. However, I did almost create a writers workshop at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics patient library in conjunction with the Iowa Writers Workshop. And the project technically isn't kaput just yet, I just need to finish some things up. connect some dots. Did it advance my readership? nah. not at all.

I went last July to the Iowa City Book Festival and did get to talk about my blog more than anywhere else however I only had a few scraps of paper and some deposit slips to scrawl my .com down on. And I didn't really advance my readership there either. (or my bank account although I was hoping the deposit slips would get used!)

I'm going back to ICBF (someone please come out and see me! There are so many cool places for a meetup in IC) and I'm going prepared.

I made cards. Now I've tried these out a  place or too and mostly I'm met with a polite scoff. Yes I didn't believe there was such a thing, but the polite scoff does exist and it's right there next to the cordial insult. This could be because IRL I work in agriculture, piglet feed precisely, and no one expects the QC manager to be so, well, bookish!

So I haven't increased my readership there either.  I intend to attempt some inroads at our local library again (we have ANOTHER new library director and I've got my app in to be on the board).

But the closest bookish community to me is about 40-70 miles away. We don't even have a bookstore here. (GASP ...I know right!!)

Although someday I'd love to change THAT...but that's another post for another, brighter day :)

So come folks.... hit me up with some stellar advice on how to rock this networking thing! I'm all ears...or eyes. or ...yeah. :)


  1. No bookstore (gasp)

    thats awesome that you've been to a festival. Ive always wanted too! and starting a workshop! wow

  2. I... I literally have no idea! But you've done so many things IRL, and even if they haven't increased your readership, you've still done them and they all sound very cool!

  3. I really like the idea of cards. Envisions an afternoon of graphic design in my future.

  4. It sounds like you are working your networking just fine! Networking doesn't have to involve the blog at all, I say :) Keep up the good work and keep handing out the cards - someone will give you a better response than the polite scoff soon! (Um, and piglet feed? So. Cool. Carry on.)

  5. I need to do some of those cards! What a great idea to add the QC to them! =)

  6. This post made me think of ways to meet people in real life. I don't know- my husband or my father can walk to the store and make a new friend. I go to the store and some psycho bangs into my cart and glares and ME. Maybe there's something about me that inspires grumpiness. But, I did go to and found some groups in my area. (Search terms: blogger, blogging, Wordpress, book club) Didn't find an active group that looked compatible with me, but at least I can feel like I made a start. Maybe I'll start my own Meetup group.

  7. I would cry if the nearest bookstore were that far from me! But that is hard to change, and I think that you've done a lot as far as IRL networking. I would keep at the library - see if you could host a book club there or something. Authors may not be able to physically come to you, but many will Skype-visit your book club! GalleyCat had a list or something as to how to contact, and ideas on who might be willing. Good Luck!

  8. Love your cards. They're really cute. And, I think giving them out at the ICBF will be great. :) But, it is hard to get readership through a lot of those places. My biggest help have been blog hops and commenting on other people's blogs. Oh, and Twitter. :)

  9. Good or you for trying to get involved with your local library! I want to do the same but dont know how.

  10. I think you have it down and need no advice! Just keep it up. :)

  11. I have some mini cards for my blog, but I haven't taken them anywhere yet. I'll have to go some places just so that I can use them. :P

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)
    My Armchair BEA Networking Post

  12. Oh man, I'm not sure how you survive being so far away from a bookstore!

    I agree with Jenni that giving your cards out at ICBF will be a great way to build readership and let people know about your blog. You're not likely to get a "polite scoff" from people there, I'd image that's a crowd that is totally on board with book blogging and other fun things!

  13. Well I've never done this, I don't think I network at all really, but how about leaving a few of your cards at some coffee shops, music shops, community centre, the library etc? I don't think it will make a big difference to your blog's traffic but you might end up meeting bookish locals...

    1. Good idea :) I'd like to meet more locals who are into books and reading. You're right though the more I think about it probably won't increase traffic, but f2f bookish connections are important too :)