Because I speak in movie quotes allllll the time!!
I have opted to add a movie section to my book blog for a few reasons. I watch a lot of movies being first and foremost.

Also because, like books, movies tell fantastic tales full of interesting and infuriating characters. And finally because some if not most of my favorite books become films.

I probably wont review many movies, unless I run into something exceptional and surprising. Something that sticks with me. In the meantime, I will simply enjoy having an expanded area to record my love of story.


Adult World 4/5 - good coming of age past when you should come of age. It's a 20's artist living the ghetto life. But John Cusak is in it!

A Shine of Rainbows 4.5/5

The Answer Man 4/5 - romantic for more than the 20 somethings.

Arn: The Knight Templar 5/5 I really loved this movie. Courage/romance/history

The Big Chill - 4/5
Black Swan - 2/5

Bridesmaids - .0001/5 - total knockoff  & not a believable character any where! (worst movie ever)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ 4/5~ was that white dress to die for or what! and what racy themes! 
Contagion - 3/5 potential but no follow thru, tons of stars.
The Defiant Ones - 3/5 (1958 -so the acting was rather corny)
Devil's Knot ~ 3.5/5 GREAT cast! based on true events. reminded me of a recent crime here

Dirty Dancing - 4/5 my girls had never seen it (the original)

An Education - 4.5/5 - very well done!
The Fifth Element - 4.5/5
Finding Nemo - 5/5
Frozen Ground ~ 4/5 based on a true story made this compelling and so sad

Gambit ~ 4.5/5 I LOVED this under-the-radar awesome movie!! 
The Graduate - 4/5 funny and metaphorical and romantic in a stalker sorta way

The Gray - 3.5/5 - if you don't mind the f-bomb 3 times a sentence

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- 3.5/5 - like the book too graphic, Rooney Mara was perfect tho

Guess Who's Coming To Diner - 4/5 Katherine Hepburn Rules!
Harry Potter Series thru Deathly Hallows part 1 - 5/5 - second all time favorite
Hearts in Atlantis - 3/5

The Help - 4.5/5 - would have taken less pie more rights is all

How to Train Your Dragon 3.5/5 - good and worth a watch but nothing remarkable

I Am Number Four - 4/5 - plus now I want to read the rest of the books in the series!
In The Heat of The Night - 4/5

Joyful Noise - 2/5 - this lacked in everyway. The religion was false and un-inspirational

Kinky Boots - 4/5 - sweet movie, predictible but cute

Life As We Know It -   4/5 sweet story line and cute guy!

The Lord of The Rings - Trilogy 5/5 - and my all time favorite!

Love Actually - 4.75/5 - I loved all the stars, not so fond of the porn story line

Malcolm X - 4/5

Mission To Mars - 3/5 watched for some class too

Mr. Nobody - Jared Leto, Jared Leto and just let me say Jared Leto

Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Trader  - 4/5

Neverwas - 4.5/5

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - 4/5

No Stings Attached - 2.5/5 - super predictable and overly raunchy

Penelope - 5/5
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - 4/5 - sad and melancholy
Pillars of the Earth - 4.5/5 little long,
Rebel Without a Cause - 4.5/5 (watched for class, still valid social commentary)

The Rebound - 3.5/5 way better than I expected!! Touching & funny. too much juvie humor
The  Red Violin - 5/5 - superb!

Requiem for a Dream - 4.5/5- had seen it before but it's always jarring. so depressing. 
Seven Pounds - 4.5/5

Sweet Home Alabama ~ 4/5~ Love Reese Witherspoon, its romantic, no fan of rednecks tho
The Switch - 4/5 (better than I thought it would be by far)

Super 8 ~ 4/5 ~ for the sheer FUN of a B monster movie! (maybe 4.5)

Tangled - 5/5 - best Disney flick to come out since Shrek!! 

Tiny. A Story About Living Small ~ 4/5 wanted more about HOW to live this way amidst the 'have it all' society of ours.

Toy Story 3 - 4/5

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - 3/5 (no Megan Fox) 
Valentine's Day - 4.5/5 star studded and romantical 

Vanity Fair - 4/5- bugged me when they "borrowed" from Gone with the Wind & Pride Prejudice

The Virgin Suicides - 3/5 pretty depressing flick and actually anti-climactic   

The Vow -  3/5 thought Leo was cast wrong with Channing Tatum, too jocky to be hipster
Water for Elephants - 4.5/5 toned down from the book but still hard to watch 

The Woman In Black - 3/5 ~ Loved Daniel Radcliff, not hot on the story or direction. So Scary tho!

World War Z~4/5 some totally unrealistic scenes. over all I really liked it. Zombies were believable