Monday, June 18, 2012

orientation with a side of indie bookstores

Today was the beginning of a 2 day orientation for my daughter at the University of Iowa!! GO HAWKS!..

ahem. sorry. And it had been a good time! We deliberately arrived early at Iowa City to be able to walk around a bit. Why? Oh.... I dunno...maybe because 3 of my favorite bookstores happen to be here in the city and several others that are great stores too, just not quite as kitschy.

This is where I simply sighed with delight to get to be back in. Prairie Lights. One of the most renowned indie bookstores in the Midwest... or anywhere for that matter!! These are bookish-folk at their bookish best!

I picked up this little gem...

 although I had to make two trips in and then my daughter ended up finding it. I wouldn't ask because I wasn't sure of the name and I didn't know who wrote it, but...yea it happens to me too... I just LOVE this cover!! :)

Tomorrow we get to go around to some more meetings and then I hope to hit another of my favorite stores in their new location.

Now in the Sycamore mall in Iowa City. And why they are there is a heck of a blog post I hope to get around to one of these days.

It wouldn't be a trip to Iowa City without a shout out to the store that stole my heart though...

If I don't make it there this trip I certainly will spend some quality time there when I'm back in July for Iowa City Book Festival
July 13, 14, 15 :) I can't wait!! :)

Geez, I love this town!!
Just don't ask about my hotel... some things are better left forgotten

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little side-trip while visiting the college kids. :) I do it regularly.