Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Stars, Libraries, and hazy Friday nights.

Sometimes your own town can surprise you. No matter how long you've lived there, and no matter how small it is. You may think you know it forward and backward and that may be true. But...

Then there are the times when you find out something new and it turns out to be amazing.

I had that weekend.

I have to give credit where credit is due. A good friend of mine insisted that I had to go to this place to hear this 'concert'/band. He said he was sure I'd love it. He was sure it was my scene and that I"d have a great time. He was right about 2 of those three things... but I'll get to that.

The venue is one I, as a 20 year resident, have heard of since it's inception in 2009 but hadn't managed to wander out to...and now I'm wondering just HOW that was?

Because this weekend this marvelous venue, in all its unique glory, hosted an internationally known personality.... He acts, he sings... He's adorable! I had the pleasure of seeing (and later actually got to shake hands with)... John C. Reilly!!

It's called Codfish Hollow Barnstormers

Who hosted John C. Reilly and Friends. If you heard him in Chicago you know the dude has a voice! He plays too and travels with a stellar crowd of pickers and singers! Youtube it! Seriously.

So here's the barn (from a different concert but the same layout and all) and trust me these pictures dont do it justice!

This is an experience you have to see and feel to believe. or appreciate.

First it's seriously out in the boonies.

Second because you get to see amazing people up close and personal like!!

(photo by Tony Schimidt)

Third because it's like a transplant from not only another place, but another time! There is more in common with 60's commune than 21st century agri-business farm. And I for one am thoroughly thrilled!

I could go on and on, but it was a Friday night, and it is a 'coolers welcome' facility so bits and pieces get a little hazy.

Suffice it to say I'll be going back. With my camera ... and a notebook!! Until then, please go look at the website! If you'll be around, totally hit them up for tickets! Then let me know and we can raise a toast to a true American venture and a blog-gold good time!

And while this SHOULD have been sufficient to make me fall in love with Codfish Hollow forever, on a slightly swervy stumble back from the bathroom at the Beihl home, I passed a room that simply knocked my socks off!! Floor to ceiling bookshelves!! Books everywhere!! And being the woman after my own heart... every Stephen King book imaginable!

I'd love to go back just to compare collection notes and maintenance tips, and acquisition secrets. Seems Tiff and I just MAY have some common denominators and my friend was dead on right when he said  these were 'my people!"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Well read isn't always tons of fun

Being well read is important to me. At least well read by my definition, which includes the classics, old and new. So I've dedicated myself to reading lots of those books that make all the fashionable lists, the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die, the BBC Big Read list, and the many lists on The Greatest Books website.

And most of these books I feel do make a person 'well read'. You have more metaphor and allegory to fall back on. You have examples from these lists of great writing and horrific writing, of compelling stories and stories you have to slog through to get to the meaning, of beloved characters and beloved villans, of wild popularity and unfounded obscurity.

All these things add up to making a well read individual...

But it sure takes the fun out of a lot of blog conversations going on NOW! It's like seeing some amazing wagons amble by and you just know there is going to be a band on them soon! Some of the lucky one's will be there when it gets there...

And there is SUCH a smug element to that! And while I'm tottering of in 'well read' land, I'm not getting to have any of this smug-fun!! And I actually DO have a NetGalley account!!

Alas, if I could only clone myself so one of me could work on the lists and the other could drive books to the list!! Wouldn't that be awesome!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quest report - Thinner

It's a banner day when I get to report I fully acquired a SK Quest book.

The thing about a quest is that you're never really off of it. Even when you aren't consciously 'questing'. You still always look. That's how it is when I go yard sale-ing. Which I did this morning.  I was actually delivering a sale I'd made on an online but I also remembered that the annual Historical Society fund raiser rummage sale was today. So Audrey and I swung by. After all, its for a good cause, right?

Every year they have the layout for the rummage sale the same, so when I walked in I knew where I wanted to go first. Books. Always books. And as we walked in we were informed that being the last day of the sale it was bag day. All you could stuff in a grocery bag for $3. Score!

I was intending to just look, but then I saw this:
Now I've been awful about keeping my list with me, but I was relatively sure I didn't have this one and I KNEW I didn't have it HB. So I snagged it :)


I also found another copy of The Talisman, a paperback of Platos Discourses, The Jane Austen Book Club, and a book w/ cats...but that's  just me :)

It makes me happy when I find works on my list. And it makes me hungry to go find more!!  So if you hear of anything in the good ole midwest area... let me know :)