Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eventful week & much excitement Sunday Salon

So the planets in my life must have been aligned in an interesting conglomeration because I've actually had a very interesting week both personally and bookish-ly.

First - YAY finished a book and posted a review!!

Foodie wannabies I highly recommend it... you know who you are.. you eat mac and cheese from a box and watch the food network, you have a shelf full of amaziningly interesting cookbooks that are in pristine shape because you've never actually cooked with them... you're drawn like a moth to a flame to the Kitchens store in the mall and you may even own a fine chef's knife....

or is that just me?

I'm making progress in my Bill Bryson book. A Walk In The's not on my sidebar but it's on my goodreads.. anyway. I very much enjoy Brysons style and like hearing the 'opinions' he has on things he comes across, but I loaned one his books to a friend... Notes From A Small Island... and she actually returned it unfinished. She just couldn't take the whining she said. Nice travelogue interspersed with rant rant rant. Ok fair enough.

And I'm to the point now in Mansfield Park where I can actually tell whos who.. or maybe it's just that things in my personal life have let up enough that I can actually concentrate at night.

Personally things have been trippy.
Kids are gone on a school trip to Texas - they went swimming in the gulf and nearly everyone got jellyfish stung. weird huh? I'd have gotten out and laid on the beach, but no...they went back in...and promptly got stung again.

And I both got dumped (which turns out didn't bother me a bit) and met someone that order :) Like my friend Shane says, "There's nothing like the next one to get you over the last one" Amen Shane-o. Especially when the next one is such a great one!

And greatest of all...Armchair BEA starts this upcoming week!!!!! I. Can. Not. WAIT!! :)
Link at the top in the dooblydoo. (aka sidebar for the non-vlog brothers fans)

I wonder how many books I will come away with on my TBR pile??

It's a GORGEOUS Sunday about where you are??



  1. Oh, it's gorgeous here, too, although it will probably be hot. We had a major power outage on Friday night...and the next day, the power was still out nearby at Barnes & Noble. Ours came back within an hour or so.

    The temperature was 106 on Friday.

    I have been known to cook...but not recently. My kids and grandkids make fun of my preference for microwaveable meals and take-out. Or even better: going to a restaurant!

    Enjoy your week! Here's MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  2. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and today I get to read your BEA post and get to know you even better. I think we will be following each other around now that we have found each other :)

    Have a great week!!!

  3. I find it shocking that your friend didn't like Notes from a small island. That's probably my favourite Bryson book; I find his rants hilarious.
    Hope you enjoyed Armchair BEA!