Sunday, August 16, 2015

My first post 50 post :) with some space in between

My first post 50...

Time //  11:01

Eating // french toast sticks

Drinking // et java

Weather // Hot Hot Muggy Hot :) Love it!

READIN - FINISHED // Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts ~ Janet DeLee
Full post review coming this week

LISTENING TO // Outlander ~ Diane Galbadon
So far I'm TOTALLY in love with this book!! And the Narrator is amazing :)


Some day I'll finish this. Some. Day.

READING:// Sarum ~ Edward Rutherfurd
I'll be starting this tonight, but I think it'll be about a week before I get started on it. I want to finish Some luck first and I have a bit of trepidation about reading two books on historical England/Scotland. 

Watching // NCIS

Now on Season 7 :)

Music // Haven't listened to too much. Maybe some planet 80's?

Blogging // Holy nothing Batman!

Acquisitions // Flowers For Algernon ~ Daniel Keyes
This is one of those books everyone's supposed to have read and everyone seems to HAVE read except me! So I was jazzed to find a copy at Goodwill.

Hating  // Needing advice and not having anyone to go to now that my Dad is gone. I need to make a change but I don't know which way to go. 

Loving // So far my new role at my full time job... I was heartbroken to have to leave the library but my circumstances couldn't bear only part time work. Even while trying to finish a degree. So I'm back in an great office in an A/P role. 

Writing // Nada lately but I hope this week I get something done

Avoiding //  Making a complete decision. I'll be putting my house on the market again (didn't sell last time) and I'd like to change agents. So how do I politely say this to my old agent. We'd done business before I just feel like I may get more buyer exposure with another agency. 
Then I have to figure out how to price it... as is and cheap, or drop in some money and upper range of the older two story home market, which is slow. GAH! Looks like either way I'll lose some money. 

So my full time job is 35 miles away. Easy commute, straight shot up a 4 lane highway. But with winter being on the way I'd sure like to look at moving up that way. Even though housing is more expensive and finding something may be a bit of a chore.
I think I'll just go listen to Outlander and pretend I'm in 1700's Scotland after walking through a rock... sounds so much easier!!