Thursday, January 6, 2011

Literary Blog Hop!

Uh oh - two meme's in a row! But I couldn't help myself. I find this meme so thought provoking and thoroughly  enjoy reading all the responses to the posed questions.

So here goes...

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This week's question comes from Debbie at Reader Buzz:

How did you find your way to reading literary fiction and nonfiction?

I believe I evolved into an enjoyment and curiosity for literary works, fiction or non, the same way a young person makes a delicious grilled cheese sandwhich for the first time and then deciedes to try their hand at homemade macaroni and cheese and ends up eventually giving Beef Wellington and Autumn vegetable soup a whirl. 

They do this, as do I with reading, because of the challenge it offers, the increase to their knowledge and ability to discuss their craft knowledgeably and mostly...

because they love it and it simply calls to them.

Like great books simply call to me.

but they didn't used to. When I was in High School my boyfriend took me to the book store and let me pick out a book a week. I chose such highbrow titles as Bethany's Sin and Flower's In The Attic (but weren't we all reading this in the 80s?). 

I had discovered an affinity for Edgar Allen Poe in about the 5th grade and I think it was the year before I had gotten the Louisa May Alcott Set of Little Women, Jo's boys, Little men, etc... so the seeds were there. ( I read Little Women several times!!)

A little nurturing here and there and viola... I'm reading Doctor Zhivago and looking forward to A Tale of Two Cities!

And so thankful to have a whole community to inspire me to look further and read more deeply. :)


  1. Your high school boyfriend sounds like a winner for letting you pick out a book a week! I think I need to show this post to my husband. :) Haha.

  2. a very interesting account of how you developed your love of reading

  3. Hey, thanks for hopping by. Oh, the dark book skeletons we all have in our closet! Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. How nice to have a boyfriend who ecnourages you to read! I like how you compared reading to making cheese sandwich for the firs time!


  5. Interesting. I never had a boyfriend who would buy me books. In fact, I never had a boyfriend who loved to read. One boyfriend could not even spell my name! (Yeah...and "Deb" is soooo difficult....)

    Here's my post for the Literary Blog Hop.

  6. It really is fabulous how a good book store and the whole book blog community are so supportive, encouraging, and inspiring. I'm loving the sound of weekly book store trips!

  7. This reminds me of when I courted my wife, by taking her to the local bookshops. At the time I was working abroad and earning what we liked to call a large wedge. when back home i'd go to the bookshops & just buy what I fancied .

  8. What a great metaphor! My thoughts are at eclectic/eccentric

  9. Weekly bookstore trips is great...library trips are good too. :) We had one close to home. Never have read Dr. Zhivago

    Sadly, my sisters and I were about the only readers in our brothers didn't want any part of books. :)

    What wonderful answers and stories from everyone.

    My story is at:

  10. As a Poe freak, I'm always thrilled to see his impact on other folks. I remember reading/performing "Tell-Tale Heart" aloud to my 6th or 7th grade class and loving that cringing/shivering/laughing feeling I was able to get just from words on the page.