Thursday, January 13, 2011

Didn't know there was a movie!

I picked up The Help for 2 reasons. 1) the blogosphere has been rife with compliments on this book and 2) just off of the cover it has always appealed to me.

And so far, only 105 pages into it, I am not disappointed! I'm almost ashamed of how much I like this book.

And then today while I was poking around and thinking on the foolish idea (with my hectic schedule) of starting a book club based on books destined for the big screen, I come across the list of 2011 movie releases and there it is, big as life, The Help. I swear I did not know!!

(I was floored the other day to find out my 2010 favorite Water For Elephants is being released as a movie and I  watched the trailer and it looks pretty darn good! )

But back to The Help. Sissy Spacek, and Cicely Tyson! wow. This is going to be amazing... oh I bet we need to have tissue!

So what do you think... I wanted to start a book club that meets in this cool quiet little pub. Keep it small, 10 at the max, and call it Literature and Libation. We'd actually read all sorts of books but especially books slated to become movies...good movies!! And of course, have a lot of fun?
Anyone in?

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