Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Salon. Memorial Day & BEA Rev Up

First. I want to have the proverbial moment of virtual silence for those who served and those who gave all. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Oh Thank you so much!

Now.... on to that event that makes me want to jump up and down and squirm in my seat and feel perfectly giddy...

I can't even do my normal Sunday Salon layout because I'm too excited!!

This it such a big deal to me because I'm working hard to be able to open my bookstore and Book Expo America is the most important event to the book selling industry. Not to mention SUPER COOL!!!!

The Expo itself takes place in New York City. And this year... with every dime going towards the book store and well... life, actually GOING to NYC was out of the question..

Thats where Armchair bea comes in... and Thank God for that!!

Go to their link. Get involved. This is not just a booksellers' event!!! Bloggers UNITE! Readers UNITE!! Armchair bea is for anyone who LOVES the written word! 

Like me. And if you're reading this.. you too! So come one and go with me ok??

Now, on with the Salon

Time // 12:50
Eating // Made some real-popped popcorn. I gave up microwave popcorn a couple years ago.
Drinking // coffee... and shhhhhh I'm cat-less!! They must not realize I'm sitting down!

Weather // Gorgeous!! 
I loved this book at the start... but not having BEEN to England, now that I'm I'm 2/3rds through it, it is all sorta of running together. Bad weather, good food, or bad food, good lodging or bad lodging. Place to place to place

LISTENING TO // I finished Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge... which I LOVED!!! and I'm getting ready to start Dean Koontz ~ 77 Shadow Street
 I come into this audio book with no other preconcived ideas aside from Koontz's other work, some I didn't care for some, like Odd Thomas, I loved!! So I'm very anxious to get going on this.
Still working on...

Beth Moore's ~ So Long Insecurity ~ chipping away but not very enamored with it.

Watching // I dunno.. nothing is catching my attention right now.  
Music // Back to K-LOVE
Blogging // I did my Frankenstein review and I have to do my Mayor of Casterbridge review but... with BEA on the way I've been working on writing some daily posts ahead of time so I can focus on reading other blogs during the week and being an AWESOME cheerleader!!
Acquisitions // 3 fun books from the second hand store.
Hating  //  How hard money is. I'm circling the drain here!! I need to make a move SOON! I firmly believe my best hope is to be on my own.
Loving // My youngest seems to having a marvelous time in London :)

Writing // not a great week for that.
Avoiding // Do want to see the exemplification of the writing on the wall? read back to my older Avoiding and guess what... we've hit caught up. So no more avoiding. Time to pay the piper. lol!
On a happy, happy note.... My Youngest gets back from England tonight!!! I'm so excited to hear about her trip! :)

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