Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Salon May 18th 2014 ~ progress slow & steady

Time // 4:08 p.m.
Eating // Just finished a bowl of Chicken Broccoli Cheesy noodles. Home made!! :) Except the cheese... 
Drinking // coffee... with Marci on my lap. Marci is short for Mercutio. He has always seemed like a she, so we've always called him her. It's just the way it worked out. This is one of the ones we bottle fed from about a week old.  

She will sleep here for hours if I let her.
Weather // Mild. Nice actually
READING // Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley
      I should be further in this!! 

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
I forgot to listen on 2 of my trips over to see my mom in the nursing home or I'd be done. Dangit!
So Long Insecurity ~ haven't picked this up in a couple days  weeks. I'm just not feeling it. This is leaning towards a DNF. 

Watching // Finally watched Food, Inc. I've been on this side of this debate for a long long time... and I know. I work in the industry. So all it did was make me shake my head yes a lot and cry that this was like 2008 and things aren't much better.
Music // Back to K-LOVE
Blogging // ok, so last week I wanted 3 posts a week and we got nada. maybe lets try 2 posts a week yaking books or bookstore stuff?
Acquisitions // A Full tote and 1 box full of books for $25.00. There were about 100 books there. They were all Crime Drama. Not my favorite but I'll have them for swaps at the bookstore. Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, Stephen White, Ann Rule and lots that I hadn't really heard of. Not always my cup of tea, but some of them looked interesting.
One lesson I learned. Never agree to them sight unseen. I asked if they were in good shape, yes they said they were. But didn't mention they had ball point pen initials on about 1/3 of the covers. 

Hating  //  Feeling like there's nothing I can do to help someone.
Loving // My youngest seems to having a marvelous time in London :)

Writing // I did 500 words today AND I did 500 words last night! 
Avoiding // Still should tighten up on the bills for mom I suppose. 
My girl has been over in London for nearly a week now and do you think I have one lil ole photo to share with you??? Nope. nada. All this technology and not a single picture!  When she gets back next Sunday she better have scads!!

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  1. Cool that your daughter is in England now! Have a great week!

    Joy's Book Blog