Sunday, May 4, 2014

Salon Sunday is it. May the fourth.

Time // 8:51 p.m. (busy day!)
Eating // Nothing right now but just got back from Davenport, Iowa where we ate at a local favorite calle Riefe's
There is a SERIOUS reason this is a local favorite! I'd never been there before. My daughter goes to college in Davenport and she'd been there and suggested it. WOW! The food was AMAZING!  The 3 of us ate, 2 of us brought home leftovers and the whole bill was only $22! Good bye chain dining!
Drinking // coffee... but with Hazelnut creamer :)
Weather // Smidge on the cool side for May 4th. But I'll take it for the sun and calm winds :)
READING // Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley
Making some headway but not liking it as much as earlier in the book.

LISTENING TO // The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy
Finally about half way done with this. 

So Long Insecurity ~ Beth Moore. Hit a 'meh' spot here

Watching // hmmm. I don't think I've had the tv on for 2 weeks actually.
Music // KLOVE and I did acquire a T-Mac cd :) 
Blogging // I had my big news announcement post that got me exactly zero comments :)
Acquisitions // Good day at Goodwill

7 great books!!...I'm planning a "I saw the movie" display. And the Alexander Maksik because I read this book as a galley and LOVED it! AND ended up communicating via email with Xander a bit. Missed the opportunity to meet him, but hopefully someday.
Hating  //  Not being able to help my kid.
Loving // opportunities. ~ My daughter is going to London next week :)

Writing // I wrote a power point for our Mother Daughter banquet.
Avoiding // B.I.L.L.S. (do you think I'll ever have a post where I'm not avoiding something? Do you ever have days where you can say you're not avoiding anything???? what does that even FEEL like!)
Mother Daughter Banquet at Church. This one was my idea and we our circle pulled together to make it a super fun one! 
Women of the Silver Screen was the program and we had a presentation and a play.
My friend Audrey ( seen in the 3 pics below) was the star as Momma.

My friend Jolyn is Circle president and was MC for the evening. 
Her family did sooooo much work! Dave (her husband) worked in the kitchen and her boys were our ushers!!

Mother's and Daughters of all ages on the red carpet!

And then there's lil ole me... having fun and hamming it up

 I clean up pretty good sometimes for an old gal!!

It was a blast. and even more important because it may be the last one I'm ever involved in. 
One thing I know about the group of ladies I work with at my Church, they will wish me only the best and they'll only want to know if there is anything they can do to help.

I'm blessed. Truly blessed!


  1. Love the Sunday Salon, Laura! Great format for information and fun pictures.

    1. Penny, join us!! It's a weekly meme. Post your Sunday Salon then post the Url to the Facebook group :) Great way to meet new people and gain more readers.
      Your posts would be awesome!

  2. Great and newsy post! That diner does look good...I like finding places that are off the beaten track.

    Looks like you had a lot of fun....enjoy your new week, and thanks for visiting my blog.