Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writer's Curse

There is a huge drawback to reading a great book when one is also an aspiring writer. Now, as an aspiring writer, the consensus of author-ly advice is to not only write, but to read, and read a lot, and read good writing.

Which I do. And I'm usually overcome by the most defeatist revelation: All The Good Insights Are Taken!!

I'm betting this isn't true, but it seems the better the book, the more often the feeling overcomes me. And right now I'm in the midst of 3 great books.

It becomes difficult to make myself put pen to paper. my innercritic. (I make this all one word as my own version of derogatory slang profanity since right now I know it's not my friend!) skoffs nearly audibly and says, in a bored tone, "Really?"

Its a weird ying-ie yang-ie place to be in. To want to keep reading because you're enjoying the book, yet to hate every word because you're enjoying the book! Every page has a 'damnit! This is so damn good!!" moment in it. Yet you can't wait to get back to it hoping some of the talent and the seamingly effortless skill will rub off, yet never wanting to see the stupid book again because you FEEL you'll never ever be able to write anything like it!

I usually end up giving these pieces 5 stars on goodreads. And I'll just keep plugging away to see if reading good writing is a viable way of improving my own.

And along those lines..... I stopped and visited one of my locations today. 
oh the stories she could tell :) This is only a tiny part of this facility. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to convey the grandeur you feel on driving up to this. Doesn't exacty resemble your average Midwestern architecture.

She's going to become a good friend of mine and I'm going to betray all her secrets :) the meantime...back to my books!

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  1. I have the same issue. That's why I haven't actually started writing yet. I always think, "How can my book be as good as theirs?" And, then I just don't write. I'd love to write one and I have a goal to finish a first draft (at least) by the time I'm 40. Good luck with your innercritic and in the meantime, I'll try to quiet my own.