Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunday Salon ~ An Independant Week

Here in the heartland it was a record setting sweltering week as it was across most of the US. But that didn't stop us from celbrating this week.
Wednesday we had an Independence Day celebration!!

A good ole American Cook In!

Yes. In. Too hot to grill out!

But with the help of my George Foreman grill we had the next best thing. It was my daughters, my mom, my best friend and her daughter and her daughter's friend. It was pretty dang good too! We had both hamburgers and brats. And yes brats do work on the GF. Potato Salad, Chips, Salsa and Apple Brown Betty and chocolate pudding pie for dessert.
We had a nice time! And I thought the food was decent anyway :) It was very casual and not fancy at all.

Later that night my youngest daughter and I went to fireworks with my friend's daughter and friend. You know despite the heat of the earlier day it had was pretty comfortable out sitting out in our lawn chairs waiting for the show to start.

We had shapes this year!! Like the 4 leaf clover. Pretty cool huh?

Thursday was back to work and back to books on my mind...and low and behold an offer I couldn't pass up. I found a lady getting rid of about 300 Harlequin Romance books for ...well for FREE! Now I'm not totally a Harlequin fan, in fact I've probably only read 3 in my whole life. But there are plenty of folks out there that do like them. And I"m putting them in neat little bundles to go to the nursing homes and for the hospital etc where people need distraction or the comfort of a book to read.

Friday was a college visit with my youngest daughter. My oldest starts college this fall, but my girls are only a year a part so the youngest needs to makes some decisions as her Senior year starts.

And I think we found her first choice:
Cornell College in Mt Vernon Iowa (Yes Iowa, not New York. That's Cornell University) This is a private Liberal Arts School that is about an hour away and has oh. so. very. much. to offer!! I'm hoping this one works out. I think she'll love it!! It is so her!

We has lunch at this terribly unique little Lincoln Cafe. Now there are about a million greasy spoons on about a million Main streets in the Midwest and the fair is about the same in each. Burgers, Tenderloins, French Fries...How about a grilled veggie sandwich with Shitake Mushrooms, Eggplant, zucchini and onions with a walnut pesto... NOW we're talking Lincoln Cafe! yes they have burgers but oh so very much more!!
Gourmet entrees available for lunch and dinner and they utilize local suppliers for as many of their ingredients as possible.  As their website says, They are Friends with Their Farmers. Not only produce but heirloom meats too. It's such a breath of urban air amongst all the country ;) And yes sir-ee bob, that is a great thing!!

And Saturday was the creme de la creme of the week. I woke up and saw on twitter that one of my favorite authors was going to be doing a book signing in Dubuque about 30 miles away at the Books-A-Million. And I had a kid with an American Eagle gift card burning a hole. So it was going to work out amazing! It was the perfect opportunity to support the new book store and an author kind enough to come out and personally sign books!

But... Then we got to the mall, and got to AE and all of a sudden I realized I had a HUGE blind spot and I couldn't really think straight. Something was wrong. really really wrong.  I hadn't had a migraine in 30 years but this sure seemed like that. (although a tiny voice did worry it may have been a TIA) My oldest suffers migraines too and got me a high caffeine pop. And it helped enough that I felt I could get through the signing.

And so we went. And I got to see Heather and talk with her a bit. But actually 'talk' may be stretching it. I think it was more an incoherent babble as I really could hardly put together a sentence!! Poor Heather! She was so very gracious!

I did get a copy of her newest book. And I can not wait to get into it!

And now I'm looking forward to next weekend.  Nay, I'm dang near GIDDY for next weekend!

Iowa City Book Festival, Baby! Yeah! :)

Anyone else in the blogosphere going to be around? Anyone up for blogger meet up? 

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