Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gadgets rock!

Well I finally did it! I went and bought myself an e-reader!

I ended up finding a good deal on a
Color Nook
I had just about given up on the idea of getting one. I have the Kindle app on both my computers and have been using them quite regularly.

But there is a local group on Facebook that is a 'garage sale' group. And I've gotten in the habit of checking there daily for the odd dorm item or great furniture deal.

Low and behold a gal I know had this up for sale. I messaged her and asked how much and while it was a fair price for a second hand Nook, I decided to pass.

Then another lady put one up the same day. I asked how much she was wanting (more out of curiosity than anything) and the gal I know with the Nook messaged me back and offered me hers at half of what she had it listed for.

Suffice it to say, THIS...was a bargain! An offer I couldn't refuse, so to speak.

So I bought it.

I was tickled to see that she only had 4 books on there. at all. (this poor little device really needed a bookish-folk home) and that one of them was 50 Shade of Gray. Now I was not going to stoop to the 5SG level, I'm old and I went through the 91/2 Weeks craze in my glory days, but I hate to dis a book I haven't read. So now for free I can read and intelligently rip up this particular piece of il-literature

(sorry couldn't help it!)

The first thing I did was sync it to my Adobe Digital Editions and then borrowed a book from my local library.

 I'm pretty happy at the moment! :)

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