Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie

The Top Ten Tuesday topic at The Broke and the Bookish that Jamie chose was:
This week was scheduled to be Top Ten Authors I'd Like To See On A Reality Show but I got a lot of feedback about how HARD it was...so maybe not as good as an idea as I initally thought! SO..I opened it up as a Freebie Week but I decided to stick with the topic!  

I'm opting for a freebie week topic...especially since I don't have TV and don't watch reality shows...so I chose:
 top ten book characters that remind me of someone I know in reality :)

1) My eldest daughter - Skeeter from The Help - she is a writer and she has the courage to take the side of what is right weather or not is the side of what is expected or popular. She is planning on becoming a lawyer.

2) My youngest daughter - Hermione from Harry Potter -  She is smart, reserved, fiercely loyal to her friends, logical and beautiful too. She is planning to teach High School English, so she's brave too!

 3) My friend Audrey - Frances from Under the Tuscan Sun - Strong, single, impulsive, capable, quick to laughter and always ready for an adventure!

 4) My friend Sara - Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird She's a "Hey, Boo" kinda girl. And not prone to understand deliberate ignorance. She doesn't judge and doesn't hold to prescribed norms. She knows not only good from bad, but fights for it too. And fights well! After all she IS a lawyer.

5) My friend Jody - Erin Brockovich - Ok so technically Erin is real and not from a book even, but seriously Jody can kick some butt, rock some heels, and do the job better than anyone with 3 times the education!! And you DEFINITELY want her on your side.

 6) My Dad - Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice - He just wanted to see me happy doing what I wanted to do as long as it wasn't tooooo out there and he'd defy who he needed to to make it happen. He wasn't the interfering type and went about his own business but was there for me with advice if I needed it. And he'd come get me if I was in trouble too.

7)  My Mom - the Mom from I Love You Forever - She would never fail to tell me she loved me. She worked her whole life FOR me. And now the tables are beginning to turn as she gets older and I get to tell her how much I love her  too :)

8)  My friend and co-worker Kayla - Ruby Thewes from Cold Mountain - She's tough as nails and can do just anything. She'd put a floggin' rooster in a pot in a hurry! She's smart past her cirucmstances too and a hard worker whose had to stand on her own early in her life

9) ???? (I'm not quite ready to say his name in case he's not as ready as I am)  - Noah from the Notebook - I hope I'm not saying this too prematurely but it's weird how close it all is. He's handsome, and independent, we were together once then apart (my fault) then there were others in the picture who kept us apart by manipulation and we never got a fair shot at this craziness called relationship. Now we are back together and it was practically a "it's still not over" moment. Hell it still might be!!! >:)

10) Me - so that makes me Allie. I've got a temper. I'm feisty and go against the norm sometimes, I wish I came from as much money. But I've not  know too much poverty. I know my faults in my past and I know the future is up to my choices.  I don't paint, but I do blog!!


  1. What a fun list! I think it would be hard (for me) to choose characters from books/movies that remind me of people I really know. I'm not very good at picking out personalities of real people. I often have a different perception that everyone else and it gets me into trouble.

  2. I love this list idea! I am stashing it was for later use. :-)

    I so want to believe I am Frances from Under the Tuscan Sun, but am afraid I fall far short, but it does push me to be more like her. LOL

    And I always wanted the whole Noah/Allie thing to happen to me, but I would probably be too dense to see it happening!

    Come check out what my students have recommended for my summer reading list!

  3. I've never really thought about which characters people in my life remind me of and vice versa. Hmm...something to think about.

  4. Ahhhh! I think I must watch WAY too much reality TV! Great list - it's interesting how really good books make you think and draw connections, isn't it?