Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crazy gradu-bday-trip-party week!

I'm not forgetting my dearest darling blog.

But this has been graduation, 8 hours drive the next day for my dads 85 birthday, drive home the day after that and get ready for a 200+ person grad party.

I sure am supppper proud of her!!

But what was I thinking stacking all this up?

Somebody shoot me!! I just want to stretch out and READ!


  1. Here's hoping you get to read soon! Congrats to your daughter, though! Is this the one who's in remission? Or, is this another daughter?

  2. Jenni, she's my remission daughter :) Her hair went from gently wavy to the tightest curls you've ever seen when it came back in. But luckily she wears it well. I'm so proud she did so well in school despite all her challenges! :)

  3. That is just amazing! I'm so happy for your and her! :)