Sunday, May 27, 2012


This is my first step over the Sunday Salon Lurking line into the light of Posting!
Over on the right side of my blog and down a tad you will see a list of upcoming things on my radar.

I have made it to 'Breathe!!' Yay!! The huge event that has stressed the last 2 months of my life is complete and except for having about 3 times as much cooked pasta as I actually needed, the party went off without a hitch.

Oh and I had too much cake too, by at least twice as much as I needed. And pop, yup 6 cases left over. Obviously some of the RSVP's didn't end up making it.

It was a fun time but I am so glad it's over. How in the world do professional party planners stand it!!

Now during this time of Breathe, I hope to actually get to R.E.A.D!!

I tried to listen to some of an audiobook, but I couldn't concentrate. I tried to read some of Mansfield Park and really really couldn't concentrate (I'm 100 pages in and have NO idea who is who), I even tried to blod through a little more Bill Bryson, which is usually more like a reward for me and couldn't get anywhere. So you know it's been hectic!

Now that 'Summer' is here, and the temperatures are going up and the days are long and the days cajole me into repose, perhaps I can indulge myself and find some gems to post about in the works I still hope to get to!

Have a safe holiday everyone!


  1. Too bad about Mansfield Park. I LOVE it, and it is my favorite of all the Austen novels. I have to admit, I tackled that one on two fronts: both audio and text.

  2. It is hard reading when you only have little tiny pockets of time between bazillions of other things. Hope you get some breathing space to get into a book soon.