Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Salon December 8, 2013

I'm putting up my Christmas trees.... yes. plural. I live on the corner and I want Christmas on both sides :)

Let the cursing
and vile profanity flinging... begin!

Snow is falling and I think I gave all my white lights to my girls for their dorms...
I don't REALLY want to go to walmart, but I do really want to get this done...

so luckily Dollar General is only 3 blocks away.. 500 white lights and 1 jar of French Vanilla Coffeemate... I got BOTH the big tree and the sad, pathetic, lil tree lit.

Now to the outside world, it looks like I have my crap together!  Image is everything, remember?

Decorating will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Place // I should just not fill this out. I'm always in my chair... so unless this changes... 
Time //9:21 p.m.
Eating // sour cream and onion lays potato chips... and I shouldn't  be
Drinking // Coffee w/ french vanilla creamer
Reading: Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian
Picking it back up again and I do enjoy it!!

FINISHED READING // glitter and glue by Kelly Corrigan. 4 1/2 stars!! I really enjoyed this!!

On the last disc for this... will be glad when it's over I'm sad to say

I also listened to

The Leopard by Jo Nesbo. I like the Snowman but really wasn't that happy with this one. As usual with me it's the gratuitous violence that gets me. And as always with Nesbo, the writing was very solid so I feel bad not liking it.
Watching // haven't had the tv on in days.
Music // Nothing. It snowed. Snow reminds me of last year and last year's snow makes me sad.
Blogging // Got a review done here, nothing on my other blog.
Acquisitions // figured out how to use 'Neighbors' through our library website. :)
Hating  // touchy subject. Snow. Not having my garage!!
Loving // Having amazing kids!!

Writing // not too much, but did do some. I'm on a big reading push to see how many books I can finish before the end of the year.

Avoiding // getting all mom's affairs in order. getting her moved. It's sooooo hard!!

Resentment is a big deal in my life. I hate feeling resentful and it is usually over things I can't control. Like the weather... yes I do do that! 
I've also come to the conclusion that maybe I should just read the books I want to read and quit this whole 'x amount of books to read in a year' challenge bull. It makes me too cautious about what I read. I have other lists I can work off of without checking page counts before I choose.


  1. You're much more productive than I am. I don't even have one tree up yet. Ugh. I enjoyed Master and Commander, and I completely agree that you should just let go and read what you want!!! It's very freeing!

  2. I love that you have not one, but two trees! My boyfriend and I have decided not to get one this year since we'll be at home for the holidays but next year I might talk him into being impractical (but fun!) and getting one anyway :)