Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Wrap up post

After one of the worst years of my life.. broken heart, mom in nursing home, father died... I'm ready to say.

That's a Wrap!

I'm just going to hit the highlights of what last years 'resolutions' were...

1. No shopping. 
Didn't do awful for myself, but I've found out I can not say No to my kids, even now.

2. Keep Flying
After Mom's stuff arrived I got very overwhelmed by my house... I have an idea for that to impliment 

3.  Read more
Actually read quite a bit, but still less than 2012. So still some room to work there.

4.  Blog
 I have this blog... and 2 others, plus goodreads... maybe I should consolidate?

5.  Work on my Novel
So I DID go through a time where this was going well... I think I have an idea for this too

6.  Work on Nutrition - 
Still working...

7.  Cut Expenses - 
Still a LONG way to go

9.  Get out of debt - 
I've got a new way to work on this too.. 2014 IS the year!

10.  Liquidate the un-necessary! 

I did have a yard sale. Made like 400 dollars. I think I pretty much blew that money. God that is so depressing

11. Balance Volunteer Positions 
I have a few to work with
  • Friends of the Library - I stock the revolving book sale once a week & attend meetings
  • Church positions:
  •       Financial Secretary - every week at least 2 hours
  •       Youth board - monthly meeting and events
  •       Church Co-Librarian - as necessary, I'll work on this every week after I do the financials
  •       Vision Committee - we are dormant at the moment 
  •       Circle of Friends - a monthly fellowship group, co-organizer
  •       Ruth Circle Member - monthly meeting and 1 big event in May
  • Hosting a Choir event dinner at my home
  • Pink Drinks on a Thursday Evening - monthly book club - founder and defacto leader
Here is where some cutting down is coming in.

12. Faith 

Here is where some focus needs done

13.  Work

I'm actively looking for a different job actually.

14. Style

PuhLease!! This is like impossible!!

15. Exercise
So this month  I sold it. to help pay for Christmas. But I still need to exercise

16. School 

This one drops off for now.

17. No Dating

I can not re-iterate this one enough. THis was disastrous this year and I'm still trying to get over him

That was 2013. At least the one thing I DID accomplish was to get these things on my radar. And that's not awful! It beat living totally reactionary which was how I lived in the past.  I'll ponder these things and post more in a day or two. 

.... after all, tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Sounds like a rough year. Best wishes in 2014; I think it'll be better.