Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ok so it's been sooo long since I've been able to hold a coherent thought and make a blog post that this is the first time I've seen bloggers new format. I feel like I'm in some writing fog still!

Now I really feel like a heel!!
 NOT THAT kind of heel... you know, just crappy!

Reviews I'm staring blankly at:
  • Under the Dome - while I liked it I didn't loooove it
  • Catching Fire - While I loved it, I should like it
  • and I'm not even sure what else.!!

And there are a whole slew of new books on my radar I haven't talked about
my obsession, thank to my youngest, with NCIS
some writing I'd like to do
And my new library that I'm putting together!

I haven't even gathered myself together to think through a meme! sheesh!

Deep healing breath, deep healing breath!

So. one topic at a time and maybe I can get back in the saddle here :)
I sure hope so, I miss you guys!!

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