Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Amazon's scoulding!

I admit it. I have on occasion bought <whisper> books from Amazon </whisper>. But let me explain!! I had a gift card! And anyway the closest physical bookstore is 40 miles away!! (seriously!) Except the Walmart partial book isle but that's a 'devil you know vs devil you don't' scenario anyway...

I state emphatically I'd rather buy every printed piece from amazing, homey, comforting, caring indie bookstores.... And my case for WHY I'd prefer that just increased exponentially with the Yahoo Fortune article on some prettttty shady practices being seen over on the big ole Amazon website.

 There are a number of books on Amazon with similar titles to much more popular ones. Fifty Shades of Grey, the steamy romance novel that has created buzz around the world, is the No. 1 selling book on Amazon. Also available on Amazon: Thirty-Five Shades of Grey. Both books are written by authors with two first initials – E. L. James and J. D. Lyte – and both are the first in a trilogy about a young girl who falls for an older, successful man with a taste for domineering sex. The publisher of the bestseller Fifty says the book is "a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever." The author and publisher of Thirty-Five, which came out in early April, apparently believe that description fits their book as well, word-for-word. Also selling on Amazon is I am the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Twilight New Moon. Neither is the book you are likely looking for.

Here's the link to the article:

So at first I'm reading along and yeah, it sucks that there are those out there that would create such works obviously specifically intent on customer deception. 35 shades of gray vs 50 shades of gray. It's a busy mother's worst nightmare!! In the midst of meal planning, kiddo tending, volunteer work, house keeping you glance down and viola HEY there's that book! click.

Only to find out...that's not that book, this is a knockoff!

At first I blamed unscrupulous, un-original, un-inspired, and un-talented authors....untillllll I read this little tidbit in the Yahoo Finance Article
 It's perhaps more shocking that Amazon (AMZN) not only sells the books, it's also helping their authors create them. All of the apparent copycat books that Fortune found on Amazon were made through CreateSpace, which is a division of Amazon. Authors can use CreateSpace's system to design and self-publish their own books. The books then go on sale on Amazon and other sites. Amazon splits the proceeds with authors. It's a different relationship than most publishers have with their authors, but there is no way for consumers to know that. On Amazon and other sites, CreateSpace is listed as the publisher of the books.


For those of us that have snuck-a-buy from the internet giant from time to time there is hope for us. I know I will be atoning for my indiscretion by visiting my favorite indie stores' ..... online presence!!

(  in case YOU would like to step into the online indie scene too. And noooo I'm not affiliated with this shop in any way shape or form. I just like them!)

All in all, after reading Stehpen Gandel's article, I feel rather like the bully got sent to the corner in front of the whole class!! And wasn't that an awesome feeling??!!?? >:)

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  1. Ugh, that article makes me cringe. On one hand, I think the consumer has a responsibility to make sure that they're buying what they want and not one of the knock offs. On the other hand, I think Amazon should have some control over what is sold on their site. Let's just call it quality control :)