Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night 2012

I wish I wasn't broke this week. If I had some disposable income (really, Prom was last weekend and I have TWO teenage daughters) I would have loved to have gone and gotten copies of my favorite books, my favorite kids books especially and donated them to the local 'kid warehouse' aka daycare facility.
Books like,
I love the cute and cuddly kitties on this book!!

There may not be many of you out there that remember this one. It was so special to me not only because it practically epitomized my midwest and trips to grama's farm (literally) but the farm even had an old blue truck with those wooden side thingies. Ah Nostalgia :)

ok and how about ANYTHING Beatrix Potter

Soooo beautiful and the prose is unmatched!!

And my eternal favorite which not only goes with World Book Night but also yesterday's Earth Day celbration:

I could give away a zillion of these books!! So wonderful!!

So, now to continue my enjoyment of this awesome bookish night, I 'm going to go finish my book :)


  1. What a lovely idea. Did you get a book for WBN?


  2. Oh my gosh, I loved the My First Counting book when I was little. I had totally forgotten about it.