Monday, April 30, 2012

eReader envy?

So I may be coming to this discussion a little late, but for those of you out there who have been lurking as well, jump right on in with me.

I want an eReader.

Why? I have no EARTHLY idea!! I tend to buy second hand books or from Idies as often as I can get near them, so having an eReader and tying myself to the big boys of Amazon and Barnes & Noble seems a bit anti-indie to me.

Yet I want an eReader

Which is SILLY!! Because..... I recently downloaded the Kindle Reader App for my laptop and now can read any ebook in the world (basically) on my nice Mac screen. And not only that, I can down load a book and store it on my Amazon Cloud (my free Amazon Cloud) and pick up where I left off no matter where I am. My computer at work has the reader app, my laptop has the reader app. The computer at my dad's house has the reader app. My library goes with me everywhere. And to keep things fair and balanced, Nook has the same app. And with my app I can check out eBooks from the library too, so I"m not 100% saddled to lining the pockets (directly) at the giants of the digital media world.

Yet I want an eReader

So what's wrong with me? I mean technically I HAVE an eReader!

Am I just so commercialized that I'm addicted to the getting? To the having and holding? Am I suffering from eReader-Envy? Am I addicted to the receipt collection that's taking over my desk and the darkest recesses of my purse? It's more than just that kindles and Nooks are easier to hold. I have my laptop with me most of the time anyway. So it has to be a gadget-mania symptom of some kind.

Something like that least. The only legitimate rationalization I can come up with is I want to know how to use it (and even some of the apps that come with it) so I don't fall behind the learning curve. I do fear that. Especially <whisper> at my age </whisper>

One of these days I'm sure I'll cave. Until then I do enjoy the benefits these apps are allowing me.

What about you? Did you pick a reader? Did it take like forever for you to figure out which one you wanted? Did you try the PC/MAC apps at all?

It's a lot to consider on a Monday! Must be the weather.


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