Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remember January 1st?

Ok so remember when we were all gung-ho on January 1st with all these fantastic intentions and full of the hope and promise of another new time, a new year...

So today I ask.... Do you know where YOUR New Year's resolutions are??

It's time for a recap at the halfway point of this year and see if any of these ideas stuck with me or if they were just passing fancy.

 1)     Photo a day - over on my 'home-life' blog I decided (since I can't regularly be crafty or cook anything anywhere close to food porn-able) to devote this year to remembering each day with a snapshot and keep the posts uber short. So far so good. If you want to peek in... here's the link: The Shabby Rabbit

UPDATE: Well once Brittany got sick I sorta abandoned this idea. But I did good up til then!

2)     Fly - nope not in a plane or glider... I'm talking about being a follower of FlyLady. It's a method to help me keep my house cleaner, tidier, more organized and so I'm not, as Fly Lady says, "In CHAOS" (Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

I used to be pretty good at juggling cleaning schedules and organization, then I got pretty busy and well...since FlyLady has EVERY base covered and all I have to do is follow directions, hey! That's way easier!  If you're interested here's the link  FlyLady. Let me know if you go there!

UPDATE: I didn't do awful but once I had to run back and forth to the Hosp, well I didn't care too much about the state of the house EVERY day, still doing pretty good with the basics I learned before I quit actively following the program
3)     Read more - self-explanatory. Quit creepin' on facebook. Don't put that movie in (I got rid of TV last year). Go Read!! Get the book off the nightstand from time to time! You can read before 9:00 p.m. too!
UPDATE: Now so far this year I've not exactly read MORE books, but I'm still working on it and I haven't read less so there is still hope!!

4)     Trade houses with my Mom. My house is teeny tiny with pretty little utility bills, her house is bigger and much more to take care of. I'm 45 and she's ...older than 45 and my little one level ranch with off street parking and a garage makes more sense for her than for me.
This is Mom's house - The tree is off of it now ;)

This is my little house. Gee I miss green grass!

UPDATE: We did this!! She hates it!! We are going to work something else out!! Anyone wanna buy a cute lil ranch??

5)      Blog - Now I know this sorta goes against the Read resolution, but I have to write about what I read about!! and I have to see what you all are reading too! Just not over do it. There is plenty of time for both. Tons of instances where reading would not be feasible, but perusing the blogs or slapping in a quick post or meme would be fine. Usually when the girls and I are all together in the living room. We're girls, we can multitask and still interact with one another!

UPDATE: Yeah I've been doing ok at this. The hosp is actually a good place to blog!

6)     Work on that blasted Novel...said it before...someday I would like to on REVISING that novel. Can't do one without the other. I received quite a few compliments this past semester on my writing so it really should follow that while that side of my brain is engaged I should do balancing this resolution with the Reading resolution is a little trickier!
UPDATE: FAIL! Newp not a word. I couldn't even tell you where it is right now.

7)     Work on Nutrition - I'm not saying lose weight (but that too) just for once don't go through the produce section just to see the pretty colors woman! Stop and buy something! Lettuce is for more than Tacos! 
UPDATE: FAIL! I wasn't doing good before Beej got sick, now all I eat are church-lady casseroles and junk food I bring up to the hospital room. I'm not even on speaking terms with vegetables at the moment. I did buy some fruit. It was very confusing!!

8)     Cut Expenses - Tough one. But Necessary for my next Resolution. And there is room. I can cut a lot of expenses with just two letters... the letter N and the letter O. I love my girls, but I have to curb my desire to spoil them :)
UPDATE: Uhmmmm nope. Didn't do well with this. Actually had to buy a different vehicle and of course insurance and license went through the roof, so no, no not so great! Plus I've been putting some money on Mom's utilities so she isn't worried about them. Oh and I've accumulated some medical bills.

9)     Get out of debt - I don't have that much debt, just that much more than I want. I've lived hand to mouth and I always fear having to again so I'd rather not have to worry about who I owe thanks! 
UPDATE: hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha bahahahahahahah hahahahahah ...haha...

10)      eBay - I have a bit of stuff floating around I could liquidate on that site. Even some books... I'll let you know if I do. 
UPDATE: FAIL! Not a thing. Still have some time I suppose. And a few things to offload. 

11)     Faith - Last year at this time I felt much closer to God and like I leaned on Him and my spirituality much more... I really really miss that feeling. It felt so safe. So I want to cultivate that again.
UPDATE: I think this was a, what's the word for it, divine inspiration? Once we found out what was wrong with Brittany I realized that my faith was pretty dang strong because I felt a peace towards the diagnosis and knew God was there for us.  I felt instantly closer, I felt that I was 100% leaning on Him and I felt safe. My church family has been there for all of us every step of the way!!
12)     Quit Swearing - 2 reasons, 1 see above. Such negative words close the doors to the postitive of the spirit. and 2. I feel I have a much better vocabulary than those mundane words and should be perfectly capable of expressing myself with them. 

UPDATE: Yeah, not so great.

13)    Work - There are some goals we set at my review that I need to push myself to accomplish yet this year. There are some projects I would like to start as well.
UPDATE: Our company merged into our parent company and all my goals changed. Plus I'm hardly there anymore.

14)     Style - Ok another one that seems weird. But as I've gotten ---gosh this is still hard to say --- older, I am having a harder time figuring out how I should look. From hair to makeup to clothes. So cultivating an attractive (after all I am single) professional appearance is on my radar this year.
UPDATE: Well, it depends on what you call stylish, but I've added a couple things to my wardrobe so I've made sooome progress but have a very long way to go.

15)     School - This is an easy one (sorta) Finish my Associates in May and start at the University of Iowa in the Bachelor of Liberal Science Program ( available by distance if necessary and since I'm 50 miles from the campus, it will be).  With all A's :) Ok that last part may just be self-torture!! But good grades.

UPDATE: Triumph!!! I DID this!!AND I did get ALL A's :) Yay!!!!!!!!!

So, there's my summary. Some good, some bad, and some totally interrupted by life on life's terms.

How bout you? Do you remember your resolution? How's it going??  Post it and leave me the link in comment or just comment it. We still have lots of time!

I truly hope the REST of your 2011 goes well and brings you your hearts desires!

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