Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday goes to the beach!

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This weeks list is on books you should take to the beach. I wish I could get anywhere near a beach, but I get the idea. The beach, to me, doesn't call for the same types of books that a chill winter evening does, nope it's less reflective, more entertainment, lighter. Like the clothes.

Jane Austen - Any Jane Austen. Where love and marriage are the goals of life and ribbons and embroidery are the problems of the day. It relaxes me to think of re-reading Pride and Prejudice or starting Mansfield Park.

Stephen King - Any Stephen King. I know... I'm sort of Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde here so far with my choices huh? But where better to read the master of the creep out, the books that set your imagination on fire in the middle of the night not letting you sleep, than in the bright warm sun of summer? :) Especially Duma Key...which takes place on a beach.

Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe - Now while this book has tons to say on life and who we are, it is also fiercely entertaining and charmingly funny! Make sure you put on sunblock though because you may want to read just one more page before you go in!

The Devil Wears Prada- Lauren Weisberger. It fits. It's a perfect beach read. Look 'Beach Reading' up in the dictionary and there's The Devil Wears Prada.

The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield. Works so well for the beach. Coupling Mystery with the relationship between not only two generations but two friends.

Nights in Rodanth - Nicholas Sparks. Beachy to the max, love and loss the way only Nicholas can do it...also a beach setting to stir your imagination to the possibilites.

Dr Zhivago - Boris Pasternik. A classic yes, but a love story not only about Yuri and Lara but about Russians for Russia! Besides you need to be warm to read about that much cold! I read it in the winter, I'm still not warm!

John Green - Any John Green. He fits anywhere anytime. His books are just so now and real. You'll look around at your fellow beach goers and see John's characters everywhere.

The Cat Who books. These are fun, quick, quaint mysteries that are just adorable reads. Just because they call them cozyies doesn't mean you have to have a chair and a blankie to enjoy them...a beach chair and a towel work too!

James Herriot - All Creatures Great and Small for example. I love animals and these short stories of a Vet's life are wonderful! Usually hillarious, watch out for the occasional tear jerker in there! Easy to get caught up in but since they are complete in themselves, plenty of stopping places to go spash in the surf.

Wow - I made it! Not bad for a Midwesterner! I think I'll go look for a big floppy hat and sit out on my screen porch swing and pretend I'm at the beach and pick up some of your wonderful suggestions!


  1. Ha, Jane Austen and Stephen King...what a pair!

  2. Dr. Zhivago is an interesting choice to include, but I get your reasoning.

    Fried Green Tomatoes is on my book club list for the month of August and I'm really excited to read it for the first time.

    I LOVED The Thirteenth Tale! Great list!!

  3. I haven't read The Devil Wears Prada yet (although love the movie!), but I've got another Lauren Weisberger on my list - "Chasing Harry Winstone" - great read!
    Here's my list:

  4. I love that your top two choices are complete opposites! So funny!

  5. Nice list! I haven't read any Jane Austen or Stephen King and have been meaning to. Maybe I'll finally make it this summer! :)

  6. I'm really into John Green as well and I keep hearing nothing but good about The Thirteenth Tale.

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