Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zen and the art of blog network maintenance

Is it horrible I'm already getting sad because this event will be over too soon???? Carts and horses, Laura. Carts and horses...sometimes I have to remind myself to keep things in the right order!


Today's post topic takes building a network into the realm of maintaining a network. 

What about other bloggers? How do you connect with them? Is there a secret? What about authors? How do you maintain a friendship with an author when you're a book blogger? Do you partner with an independent bookstore? How is that experience? What are your tips to other bloggers who want to do the same?

I'm focusing on the bloggers today because I think you have to have some followers and have a blog folks look to for opinions on books before you can move over to the publishers and bookstores. If my aunt, my boss and an x-boyfriend are the only ones checking in regularly, my opinion on a book isn't going to carry it too far.

So yesterday's 'engineering networks' and today's 'network maint' are real sticky wickets in my crazy world!

I don't feel like I've accomplished either just yet. I'm still a sporadic poster (with some pretty good reasons though) and part time lurker. I am working on keeping in touch with some folks via their blogs and checking on them often. I'm getting better about commenting when I'm there and it seems the more I go the more there is to comment about, you get more familiar.

I hope I can step out of the shadows more often and post and comment more. My blog roll is huge and getting bigger every day! Especially now during Armchair BEA. :)

How do you keep up with everyone of these interesting bloggers??? How do you keep straight who you answered who you didn't? I've had some folks comment so genuinely kind offering prayers and I just know I'm going to forget to thank someone!!

How do you folks with hundreds of followers do it??


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