Monday, May 16, 2011

A little light reading while this Associates Degree holder waits for counts to come up.

So three great things have happened.

My oldest angel is feeling better and we are anxiously waiting for her wbc counts to come up so she can come home for a week.

I managed to finish a book again finally (even though I didn't like it). I finished The Girls With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. But it was not my cup of tea. I love mysteries, and I like punk or steampunk, and I like romance, I do not like gratuitous SVU style sexual violence for the guilty pleasure of titilation. It annoys and saddens me. And frankly I think it's bandwagon jumping and this trend ought to be over by now. That and the shamelessly self-indulgent length kept me from any real enjoyment and the parts I did like were overshadowed by trite outcomes, like Lizabeth and Mikael. All in all, MAYBE 2 stars, but I certainly won't be reading any more of these.  2/5

Third - School is over and this time...this time... I did it!!!! I finally got a degree! Granted it's only an Associates degree, but its mine and no one can take it away and I'm so happy!!! I'm waiting anxiously to find out if  I made straight A's this semester. I'm waiting on my Statistics final to be graded. My grade of A or B hinges on that and weather I graduated with honors or not hinges on my grade in Statistics. But no matter what I have my  cool degree and I love it! Especially since it's in English. One step further on the path. I start at University of Iowa this fall to work on my BA. I plan on having a mock graduation ceremony when my daughter is home from the hospital. Luckily I'm plenty old for spiked punch :)

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