Friday, May 27, 2011

The blogs on blogging

I am going to attempt this post if I can see through my teary eyes; I am so sad this is over!! Please lets find a way to all stay connected? I depended on Armchair BEA central to keep me in the know! 
Today is the day of the Book Blogger Convention, so  in conjunction with that event Armchair BEA will also put the focus on the “blog” portion of “book blog.” There are lots of things you could post about today - here are just a few to get you thinking:

  • How do you utilize social networking in relation to your blog? What may be the pros and cons of doing so?
  • Share some of your favorite blogging technical tips.
  • Create a "rule list" of things you should and shouldn't be doing on a book blog. 
  • What are your tips for balance life and blogging?
  • What genre do you blog about and why?
  • How do you keep your blog fresh and interesting to your readers & yourself?
  • There are quite a few book blogging events out there. Which are your favorites and why? How do they affect your blog directly?
 I'm not going to answer all of these, basically because some are questions I still have, such as 'how to utilize social networking.

My favorite technical tip is : KISS, yup Keep It Simple Stupid! Don't over content me, or make it hard to load, easy on the widgets please. This is from an ex widget addict. They were just so fun! Sweet and Simple with good content.

Which segways well into my rules: These are for me, take what you need and leave the rest
  • No Music!! Just say no!
  • Try not to go over 5 paragraphs. No one wants to spend all day on my site when there are so many others to visit too!
  • Don't change it up too often. 
  • Post often but not necessarily every day. ( I break this one a lot with not posting often)
  • Remember to write for yourself as well as your audience. (I tend to want to temper my opinions to be more well liked)
  • Visit other blogs often!!
See already I'm in danger of going over self-imposed length rule...but I usually do :)

Armchair BEA - THANK YOU!! for bringing us together!
Participants... I'll be seeing you as I'm following tons more of you now :)
Til next year....


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