Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: The Phantom Tollbooth

Title:  The Phantom Tollbooth
Author:  Norton Juster
Pages: 256
I Why Read This Book:  My 17 year old was appalled that I had never read or even heard of this book. It was one of her all time favorites. Nothing better than sharing the love of  books
RATING:  5/5

Synopsis From Goodreads:
This tale of 10-year-old Milo and his experiences in the "Lands Beyond" has become a modern-day children's classic.

My Review:
Firs of all how did I miss this book as a youth? Or when my children were little? How did I not know anything about this book until a couple of weeks ago? My daughter got a copy of the book and extolled its virtues and said I absolutely. Positively. Had. To. Read. It. 
I’m so glad I did. From the very first page this book sweeps you away with wit and intellect. A children’s book yes, but the tale of Milo and his new found friends leave you with a greater understanding for language and even math and the need to temper extremes. It has the power to teach kids the nuances of the English language in a way that helps them understand the dangers of miscommunication. And that the more you know in this world the more there is to do, as Milo found out when he got home. 
It is filled with absolutely the most endearing characters ever created! The next dog I get (if ever) I am naming Tock…and I’ll hope I get it right.  Tock and the Humbug, The Which, and The bird from Context. Places such as the doldrums, and The Island of Conclusions. The Symphony of color, as well as Dischord and Dynne . Along with so many others! 
It was a wild ride and one I read nearly in a sitting. It has also become one of my favorites and I will make sure any one who hasn’t read it hears how fabulous it is and try to coerce them into reading it too. Like my younger daughter. I have my sites set on her reading this next.
You actually CAN sum up this book in one word, (although is has earned a lotteries worth of words and we want it to get it’s value,)  that word would be

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