Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Reasons to Book Blog

Here it is Top Ten Tuesday again! And my favorite meme!! Graciously hosted by the fine folks at The Broke and the Bookish.

And a happy Blogiversary !! It really is amazing to me how wildly successful you have become in one short year! But you have a Rockin' blog so not so surprising afterall.

To celebrate with them I have jotted down my Top Ten reasons I blog. As A countdown...

10) Clarity - Of course getting my self to write about what I read helps me focus. AND I find out things about myself and where I really want my life to go... Since starting this I have changed my intended career and am back in school. Looking for my Library Science degree.

9) Memes!! Especially THIS meme! I not only like to chime in I LOVE to go through and read all the other answers!

8) Reviews - Your reviews are my favorites. I love to read reviews. After I review a book I'll check the blogs I stalk and see if anyone else has read it too and what y'all thought of it. I love it when I get feed back on my reviews too...everyone like a lil blog love!

7) Challenges - I think it was over at Callipider Days that I stumbled into my first challenge. I had never heard of such a thing!! How interesting and how much fun! I believe it was DIRECTLY responsible for my original blog to branch off into Bunny Tales. :)

6) Lists! - I love lists. I write lists of what I've read, lists of what I want to read, lists of what I should read, I love to read your lists.. and all in one handy dandy spot! List-a-mania is taking me over!! And thanks to you, so is my TBR list!!

5) Inspiration - Inspiration comes from each and every one of your posts that I read. You inspire me to think though it, around it, over it, during it... and inspite of it. You inspire me to post, read, write, and converse more deeply. You inspire me to just keep at it!

4) Events - For example...had it not been for the blogosphere, I would not have realized there were events out there as amazing as BEA...which is on my bucket list now. I did have sooo much fun doing Armchair BEA since I couldn't be there bodily.  And it gives me a way to find other awesome bookish events to try to get to.
3) Indulgence - To not think about teens, drama, sickness, or swine feed for even a few minutes. To enter the world of worlds, the realm of books and be around other book lovers! This, for me, is 'chocolate thinking'.

2) Community - My daughters and I are readers so I can converse with them. But it won't be long until they fly the nest and I'm so relieved I have found the book bloggers neighborhood to escape to. Where I can hear about books to my hearts content and get to talk bout what I've read with understanding friends.

1) Books - I'm a died in the wool, nearly Neurotic, bibliophile. I dream of home libraries and yard sale for first editions. I decorate with typed words and write audience minded. My favorite place as a child was the local library and my goal for LIFE is to be entrusted with the care of a library and all that word means. I. simply. love. books. and book blogging allows me to be bookish as often as I like. 

So that's my list. I can't wait to read what you love about this nutty hobby! I'm betting there are quite a few similarities in the answers this week... at least I HOPE so!



  1. I love your answers. I am with you on number one. I love to look at books, touch them, and of course read them. I also like to just think about reading them.

    Here's my list

  2. I love memes as well!! I even read some I don't participate in!! :)

  3. A great list, Laura. (This is such a fabulous meme.) I love that you posted a pix with each reason. Great idea. I love lists too, if I'm not careful though I get carried away. Ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I see some similarity in our book tastes. :)

  4. This is one of the better, more articulate Top Ten lists on book blogging that I read this week.