Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fall Reading Challenge Wrap-up

Fall has come and gone and while it feels like winter has already been here for months actually the calendar just turned winter and my fall reading challenge is over.

One good thinkg about a self-imposed challenge is it is not a failure if you don't get through your list...and it's not a race.. and there are no grades... So I consider it a HUGE success!

I made it though 4 1/5 or my challenge book list. I had some fabulous reads and some not as fabulous, but I'm glad to have read each one.

Here is how I fared with links to my reviews.

Still on the TBR Pile
I'm a little over 100 pages into Dr. Zhivago. And still relishing it! It's like the best cheesecake, you want to devour it and can't wait for more of it, but the slower you go the more you get from each bite...if that makes sense. :)

 The library called yesterday and said this was in now... I was on the waiting list, but since there is still a lot to find out about Yuri and Lara, I better let it go. I've heard the first few chapters on the audiobook and I can't wait to get to this one!

This is a continuation from my summer vacation. We went back to my dad's boyhood home of Ansted West Virginia. I hadn't been back there in years and it was so cool to get to see it again and to share it with my daughters who had never been there. So I wanted to read something from the region as a tribute and part of my blog.

So these will push my start of the Back To The Classics Challenge back a bit.

And my daughter's boyfriend brought me over a book he thought I might like. When a young man admits to liking to read, especially when he dates your daughter and he is willing to share his books with you... You. Do. Not. Say. No! :)

I'll bump this up to the top of the list.

It's Brising by Christopher Paolini.

I've read the other two and he owns all 3 so he lent it to me.. How sweet is that!

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