Monday, December 20, 2010

Semester's joyous end

It's official... even at 45 I can go back to school and do well.

I took 3 classes this semester, held down a full time job, and tried to keep raising 2 teenage girls and yes


Grades were just posted....


YAY!! My house however, looks like I'm audittioning for an episode of Clean Sweep. But I have 3 weeks and a new calendar. We'll do some 'family' organizing and see if we can't work some of these chores out a bit.

I'm going to reward myself with another semester of 3 classes :) And maybe something nice... like a book!


  1. Congratulations! It's always nice to see those As. I have to tell myself that learning is more important that grades, but seeing a A sure does help me feel good! :)

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I also see you are reading Doctor Zhivago... one of my favorites, book and movie. I thought I was following you before, but I just followed again... so wierd!