Friday, December 10, 2010

Nights in Rodanthe - a bedtime story

I finished it very quickly, less than 10 days, that is quick for me!
Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks,
 (My rating: 3/5 )
but don't take that to mean I couldn't tear myself away from it necessarily... well lets face it, at all. It was more like being 7 with a loose tooth, or a big band-aid, the faster you pull it the less it will hurt. I was just busy getting it done.

And it's not that the story is awful...just a fairy tale and yes I do know that is Spark's stock in trade. Still.

Well I had to read one. And now I've got that over with.

Nicholas Sparks is a 'meh' writer who writes ok stories that make GREAT movies! (I do like all the movies I"ve seen, cheesy or not.) I think it is because I feel like the actors do a better job at bringing the characters to life than Sparks did writing them.

Sorry for the brief opinion (aka: review, cuz that's just how I do it), I have 91 vocab words on the final and I"m busy making flashcards! Ah to be back in college!

Oh and on to some more challenging reading (sorry folks if you really really like him, I can sure see it as guilty pleasure reading or for the sweet escapism...we can all use that sometimes!)

Next up is Dr. Zhivago
The Help is on the waitlist at the library after that !

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