Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Salon 7 28 13

JULY 28, 2013

Time // 10:54 (went to church and saw Mom already) 
Place // Big floral chair. Marci is asleep on my left arm like a baby. 
Eating // I'm starving but only had 3 little cookies at coffee hour after church. An omelette sounds good tho.
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee!
Reading // Finished Blockade Billy ~ Stephen King. I almost hate to use that as a book because it was really just two long short stories that weren't exactly novellas either. Now I'm reading Beautiful Ruins ~ Jess Walter. I'm keeping my mouth shut until I'm totally done with this one!!!

Watching // Made my oldest daughter watch The Shining. And watching Sense & Sensibility. There's a distinct reason for that last choice. But I"ll let it go for now.
Listening // 1 audio books: Ecological Intelligence ~ Daniel Goleman (just about done. I'm on the last disc) and then I'll go to Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Music // What ever's on the radio in my car. No one specific at the moment (although I really like Jason Derulo's new song Other Side.)
Blogging // Posted a mid year update on my New Year's Resolutions. That was depressing
Acquisitions // I'm thinking all I have right now is 2 movies out from the library. No other acquisitions recently
Hating  // How even when you're supposed to be over something, there are times when it's all raw and painful again.
Loving // Wow... can't believe I'm having trouble with this one... there are a lot of things I'm loving, but they are all bittersweet at the moment. So for now I'll put that I'm loving this peaceful Sunday morning.
Writing // Progress slowed on my new project, but it's still very exciting and I wish I had more time to devote to it.
Avoiding // Sending back the gifts post-breakup - I still haven't done this :( Finishing a few minor tasks at moms house ... but I'll go do those this afternoon
Anticipating // Mom's house IS officially on the market :) Now I'm anticipating it being sold. pleasepleasepleaseplease make it soon.

TODAY - nothing in particular. just chill and try to get some writing done, some laundry done, some cleaning done, some shopping done, some packing done, some vacuuming done.... ok, well that doesn't sound chill AT ALL!! ;)

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