Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mid year up date on New Year's Resolutions

It's time for an update on my resolutions... and a look at their sheer folly. Intentions are such a deceit!

1. No shopping.

  • For myself I guess I haven't done too bad. I bought a some accessories for an event I went to in February. A Maxidress from Walmart this month and sundry small things... mostly from Goodwill.

2. Keep Flying

  • By this I'm talking about FlyLady and her method of housekeeping that I've found very useful...and that I've been HORRIBLE at following!! But once I tried to move my mom in, then had to move her to a nursing home, then had to get her house ready to sell and in doing so move all her homes contents to my house. And keep up with way too many cats. 
  • I. want. my. house. back! 

3.  Read more

  • I've done pretty good with this. But I'm still behind my Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge.

4.  Blog

  • I've not done as well as I'd hoped but I seem to be picking up the pace. I just hate that I always feel so pressed for time and hurry through my posts... I think I'll work on that next.

5.  Work on my Novel

  • Haven't touched it... BUT I did come up with a NEW and promising idea and I've done some work on it. .... but not enough

 6.  Work on Nutrition -

  •  Ok, well.... there's still time right?

7.  Cut Expenses -

  • I've actually increased them. But there again, there's still time
  • The increase actually came when I moved mom in and added dish tv for her.

9.  Get out of debt -

  •  Credit Card - beginning balance 9500 - 2000 + purchases = 9000 again :(
  • Home improvement loan -3800 down to 2900 
  • Auto loan -  4500 down to 2900 
  • Mortgage - 75000 (which I don't expect to fully pay off. I'm listing it just so I know) 74000
  • I making some progress anyway. The interest on the card is killing me. But I had to buy some things for my girls for college. There's just no two ways about it.

10.  Liquidate the un-necessary!

  • I've sold a few things but have so much more that should go

11. Balance Volunteer Positions

  • Friends of the Library - I stock the revolving book sale once a week & attend meetings 
  •      Stepped down when they got an intern
  • Church positions:
  •       Financial Secretary - every week at least 2 hours
  •       Youth board - monthly meeting and events
  •       Church Co-Librarian - as necessary, I'll work on this every week after I do the financials
  •       Vision Committee - we are dormant at the moment 
  •       Circle of Friends - a monthly fellowship group, co-organizer
  •       Ruth Circle Member - monthly meeting and 1 big event in May
  • Pink Drinks on a Thursday Evening - monthly book club - founder and defacto leader
    • This is dormant now too, but I'd like to see it revived.

12. Faith

  • I'm missing church more and more often and haven't been to a bible study in forever.

13.  Work

  • This is becoming an actual issue

14. Style

  • I can barely stand to get dressed I hate my clothes so much. But I manage to look cute for my size mostly

15. Exercise

  • The lack of use of the bike is probably why I hate the way my clothes look on me. I've put no effort into exercise. Not on the bike. Not walking. Not a yoga dvd. I barely even stretch when I wake up!!!

16. School

  • Bowed out of school. With 2 in college, I just can't afford it. 

17. No Dating

  • If you followed my blog you may know how poorly this one went. And I'm still not 100% healed. I'm starting to think I may never be. 
  • But I AM going on and am seeing a fantastic guy who treats me like gold.
  • So I've banished this resolution basically. 

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