Friday, July 12, 2013

Knee Jerk Opinion : Rabbit Is Rich ~ John Updike

It's funny, this book. Not haha funny, but the very definition of peculiar! It's a Pulitzer winner. It's John Updike. It's supposed to be poignant and literary. But I didn't LIKE it! I really really don't like Rabbit, I'm not fond of his wife, his friends are annoying as Eff. and I want to beat his kid!!
Yet I really wish I was a producer because I think that Rabbit is Rich would make a kick-butt movie right now!!

It's a 'slice of life' book set (and written) during the 70s. The things we complain about today they were complaining about then. There was too much sex and friendships were casual and shallow. Kids were rude and the government was oblivious. But the 70's were such a...well... unique? time. The cars were crazy ugly. And there was an 'energy crisis' that really needs explained for posterity Hollywood style and I think RIR would be a great way to explain it!! Seriously. This would be huge! It may even bring back leisure suits! And Caribbean vacations!

Updikes writing is (mostly) amazing! Sometimes I'd come across a sentence and just blurt out loud 'brilliant!' until I got to some of his notorious page and 1/2 paragraphs. Those were pretty annoying. The details of the daily life hit me at both ends of the spectrum. Sometimes I was impatient with them, sometimes I really savored them and it really made me feel like I was reading about my folks, or my folks neighbors because I'd die if I found out my folks behaved this way!! since I was in elementary school in this turbulent tim RIR gave me a glimpse of something I only vaguely felt, the world of grown ups and the decade of decadence they tried to drag out. I'm most most certainly glad I read it!!

Still.... yeah... I didn't like it.... did I?

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  1. I've always been on the fence about reading it. My husband loathes it, but I feel slightly obligated as a literary-type person to give it a go. I mean it is Updike, after all. I guess I'll get through my other guilt purchase, American Pastoral, at some point first.