Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Salon August 4, 2013

I hate it when I only post memes. And I hate it when I go a week between posts. It happens so fast. That being said, here's my Sunday Salon:

JULY 28, 2013

Time // 12:42  - the day is getting away from usual
Place // Big floral chair. Marci is asleep on my left arm like a baby just like last week.
Eating // had leftover IHOP omelette. meh.
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee!
Reading // I'm reading Beautiful Ruins ~ Jess Walter. Really enjoying it, but we have a new character I'm none to fond of.

Watching // Waiting with baited breath for the annoncement of the 12th Docor. And watching Misha Collins troll the world. 
Listening //  Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell - Super cool book!

Music // Nora Jones!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% Nora Jones!
Blogging // Missed the whole week!
Acquisitions // No recent acquisitions. And I haven't made any progress on organizing my library
Hating  // How close to leaving for college my girls are. Empty nester here I come
Loving // How close to leaving for college my girls are. House the way I want it here I come!
Writing // Still slow, but keeping my motiviation up.
Avoiding // Sending back the gifts post-breakup - I still haven't done this :( 
Anticipating // Today...or tonight actually because...

Going back to the barn to see...


TODAY - Codfish Hollow Barnstormers presents:

So today is awesome, but I have to jet now to get everything done that I MUST do before we head out...and I'm not going to come anywhere close to getting everything done that I SHOULD do this glorious Sunday... did I mention the weather is Spectacular!!!!

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