Sunday, August 11, 2013

I did it AGAIN!!! Sunday Salon August 11 2013

Seriously. Someone has to keep me accountable when I say I will and want to post more than once a week!!

Once again, here is my Sunday Salon:

AUGUST 11, 2013
Place // Big floral chair. No cats.. hmm wonder where they've all gotten off to then. Makes me nervous.
Time // 12:49  - weekends go too fast
Eating // almonds. and I no I can't tell you why. It's not a secret. I just actually don't know. They were just there.
Drinking // Coffffeeeeee!
Reading // I'm reading Beautiful Ruins ~ Jess Walter. Still loving this book and past hating the said 'new character' from last week.

Watching // Too much Supernatural and just finished Cloud Atlas... I didn't read the book first! But I really liked the movie and now I'm afraid to read the book because the movie will try to play in my head
Listening //  Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell - Little bit slower through this part. And a tad redundant.

Music // The Barnstormers was jaw-droppingly amazing! Truly and rumor has it they have more coolness up their sleeve for later this fall. And I'm morphing into listening to Vampire Weekend.

Blogging // Missed the whole week! AGAIN! And I really would like to do an indepth blog on Codfish Hallow Barnstormers
Acquisitions // Goodwill came through for me... I picked up
  • A copy of Bridget Jones's Diary
  • Crime And Punishment
  • And! An Iowa Review!! This one is a gem :)
Hating  // How close   super duper close to leaving for college my girls are. 6 more days. Empty nester here I come
Loving // How close to leaving for college my girls are. House the way I want it here I come!
Writing // Had the epiphany that one of my projects just may be a short story.
Avoiding // Sending back the gifts post-breakup - I still haven't done this :( ~ And I'm playing 'lets avoid' again.

Anticipating // Geez. Of all the things going on, I'm not really sure. All of the above mostly. Wish it was a vacation I was looking forward to. 


  1. Ah, the kids going off to college. Sigh. I hate it every year and it is such a tough adjustment after all the together time during the summer.

  2. Happy Sunday! Posting once a week keeps things going until the energy comes back for blogging.

    Love the cover of Beautiful Ruins. Both the cover and the plot remind me of a movie we enjoyed this week: Letters to Juliet.

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Being an empty nester is a big change but not all bad since you have more "me time". Besides, if you're lucky like me, at least one will move back home. And that's not all bad either :)
    Here's My Sunday Salon/Post