Sunday, June 7, 2015

Yet another week with a Salon only Post

Time //  10:11
Eating // had some YUMMY zucchini bread at coffee hour at Church! 
Drinking // crud, where'd I put my coffee (I'll check the microwave first)
Weather // Rained this morning but overcast and humid now.
READING // Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley

Haven't touched this yet. I DO intend to get back to this eventually. 

Chipping away at this one.


I am actually LOVING this book. BUT.... there are a couple items on the agenda to discuss about it.
  • 1) can anyone say City of Ember? I'm not that far in yet, so I can't say for certain that the parallels are too close but right now they certainly stick out.          
  • 2) I'm tempted to switch over to book form, I have a feeling this reader is butchering it. If not, then I'm not as enamored with it as I could be.
Watching // American Horror Story 
My daughter conned me into watching the first episode. I'm 3/4's of the way through season 2. I hate gore I really do, but the story line is so compelling and the acting is flippin first rate! Especially the incomparable Jessica Lange!!
This is another thing to love about this show. The story totally changed for the second season. Brand new story line...yet they kept the same cast! Not the same characters, but the same actors playing the new characters in the new story and they are all so talented... IT WORKS!! 

If you are a writer or a film buff you really have to watch this show. Watch how they dole out the pertinent information, watch the character arcs, watch the acting. This, despite it's over the top depravity (and believe me it has that in spades), this is a quality show!

Music // I swore off Chris Cagle.. and in case you're curious... I'm about to swear off of Bobba  Fett too. (yes I saw that, yes I think you see this too)  Because just where was he when I needed him, huh? All the things I went through on my own, alone... yeah. about that. So I've added some T-Swift to the mixtape lineup. Maybe some White Horse.  
Blogging // Still in a lull blogging. I've named it and claimed it. x 3
Acquisitions // I was literally walking around the Goodwill store (crammed full of books in need of rescue right now by the way..) when it dawned on me... I work in a library! woohoo! 
Hating  // I chose B by the way. Now what I'm hating is not being able to reach a kid whose walking a the edge of a razor blade. She won't let me in and she won't let me help and the only way to get her attention may be to shake her world by stopping all enabling. But as a mom that is so so so hard. I may not have all the answers but I've walked that block so many times I do have some pretty solid advise. If I could just get her to open up. I keep praying....

Loving // Working at the library. I can't say enough. I just LOVE it!!
isn't she gorgeous!!!!

Writing // Nothing on the projects I should be working on, but starting this week I'm instituting a page count for my revisions. 
Avoiding //  I don't know. I'm sure it's something...Maybe I'm not avoiding so much as forgetting.

Taking two more classes this summer. I feel like I still have so far to go :(


  1. I blog usually once a week and I don't call it a lull. I call it consistency. It's okay if you're not blogging daily. No one says that you have to...

    ...also who is Chris Cagle and Boba Fett? I mean, I know who they are, but are they two people in your life that you refer to them as those names? Just wondering. Feel like I'm missing something when I read your posts.

  2. I have so much Book-ish stuff I"d like to discuss, both reading and writing, but I just don't get to it. I'd like to but you're right. at least I'm consistent.

    Chris Cagle the country singer, just had to quit listening to that playlist, but yes Bobba Fett is a nom de plume for a person in real life. :) (I'll quit with the clandestine messages I promise!)

  3. I love zucchini bread. :) I watched the first season of American Horror Story and then started the second one, but stopped watching part way through. It's too sexualized for me, so I just can't keep up with it. My husband loves it, though, and watches it religiously.

    1. I agree! The last half of season 2 was waaaaay out there carnally. too much so really. I think I need something lighter for awhile, like another season of Cedar Cove... :)