Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day and Deep thoughts

Time //  12:15
Eating // pb&j but it's not what I wanted. I'm not sure what is, but it wasn't pb&j
Drinking // coffee, oh my dear lovely coffee
Weather // Rain. but it's almost over for awhile.
READING // Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley

I'm still not getting to this very often. At book club discussion someone said they didn't care for Smiley books and I commented that the reason we don't get overly enamored with her books, despite their literary contribution and wonderful prose is that we live where she writes. we have these families, these are us! And we've heard that, it's like having your dad tell the same tired stories and same old jokes over and over. So I get where I am with her writing now and I"m worried about my own since they are also set and included the life of the iowan.

I'm a book snob to an extent. This book raises the hairs on the back of my neck...and not in a good way. We skyped with the author at book club discussion and despite not having finished the book yet, I was so dismayed at the haphazard way she looked at the events and characters she molded and created. I think her editors did her a disservice by not having her re-write some of the more awkward phrasings or the obviously 'told not shown' scenes.  Too anxious I believe to be able to ride the GONE GIRL coattails. IMHO. 

I FINISHED LISTENING TO // When You Are Engulfed In Flames ~ David Sedaris
Totally totally enjoyed this book and the David Sedaris look at life. 
Watching // Short Term 12
We thought this was a romantic comedy, it wasn't really maybe sort of, but mostly not. YET it was one of the best movies I've every seen and I was completely impressed with it. Yay for indie movies!!

Music // I realized that Chris Cagle looks like my old flame. the one that got away. the one that un-fixably, forget-ably broke my heart. So a lot of that. for no particular reason. it probably most certainly isn't helpful, huh?
Blogging // Still in a lull blogging. I've named it and claimed it.
Acquisitions // One. But it was necessary.. I'm taking 2 more college classes. Still working on that Bachelor's. Yay. 
Hating  // Choices. I have to choose what to do now. I've been offered a good job that requires commuting. But i"ve also gotten a part-time job in the public library which is great since my MLS is where I'm trying to work towards. I could A) work parttime and pass up all the increases to hours as I also work the guaranteed full time job. The people at the full time job are wonderful. I'm temping there now. B) I could work the part time job and focus on school with a very very tight budget but that would open up possibilities in the future. but in the mean time I'll have to get my own insurance and not put anything away for retirement OR C) I could sell my house and move to the full time job and forget everything else - Nah, C sucks. 
I'm thinking B. What do you think? 
Loving // Working at the library. It's like coming home everytime I walk in the door. But I need some good shoe inserts because I stand the whole time :)
isn't she gorgeous!!!!

Writing // As much as I love it, I sure haven't gotten much done!
Avoiding // At the moment, I have a showing of my house on Tuesday and I"m supposed to be cleaning oh AND....going and picking up my hoosier cabinet. BAH! I need to get that!!
Happy & safe Memorial Day to each and every one of you!!


  1. That is a beautiful place to work!

  2. Even though you're in a lull, I'm glad you at least do the Sunday Salon posts so you're around a little bit. :)