Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sleepy Sunday in the Afternoon Sunshine 4 26

Time //  3:27
Eating // nuthin
Drinking // at the moment, nuthin
Weather // NICE!!!!!! woot!
READING // Some Luck ~ Jane Smiley

In The Heart of the Sea ~ Nathaniel Philbrick : I think... I may have... given up on this. <heavy sigh and self-depracating face-palm>

LISTENING TO // When You Are Engulfed In Flames ~ David Sedaris
My first David Sedaris!!! I'm loving it and laugh in traffic a lot!
Watching // I bawled through the Chronicles of Narnia again. Oh man, I'm serious! I sob!!

Music // Ok see this is exactly why I love blogging, you can look back and see your life shift... like this... I'm totally listening to country these days. And I have no earthly idea how this happened.
Blogging // I'm in a lull with reading and with blogging. I've named it and claimed it.
Acquisitions // I think I've been book free? I think? 
Hating  //  Lulls. in reading, blogging, and life in general. I'm too old for lulls
Loving // Writing. And the hope it brings.

Writing // As much as I love it, I sure haven't gotten much done.
Avoiding // going and picking up my hoosier cabinet. BAH! I need to get that!!